The Temperance & King of Cups Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


Tarot cards are a powerful tool for gaining insight into our lives and the world around us. Each card holds a distinctive meaning, but when combined, they can unlock even deeper levels of understanding. In this article, we'll explore the meaning of the tarot card combination of The Temperance and King of Cups.

The Temperance

The Temperance is the 14th card of the Major Arcana. It represents balance, moderation, and harmony. The central figure in the card is an angel or a spiritual being that pours water from one container into another. This suggests the need for finding the right balance between opposing forces or elements. The Temperance card is a reminder that in order to achieve balance and harmony, we must find a middle ground that accommodates our desires and needs.

King of Cups

The King of Cups is one of the court cards in the Minor Arcana. It represents emotional maturity, wisdom, and compassion. The King of Cups sits on a throne, holding a cup that represents his emotions. He is a master of his emotions, displaying a calm and collected demeanor. The King of Cups teaches us the importance of emotional balance, recognizing and expressing our feelings while maintaining control over them.

Interpreting the Combination

When The Temperance and King of Cups appear together in a reading, it is a powerful combination that indicates emotional balance and harmony. The combination of these two cards suggests that you are in touch with your emotions and that you strive for balance in all aspects of your life. It indicates that you have a mature approach to your emotions and that you are able to express them in a healthy way. The Temperance and King of Cups combination also implies that you are able to find harmony between seemingly opposite feelings or emotions. This means that you can balance your own needs and desires with the needs and desires of those around you. You know how to navigate difficult emotional situations and prioritize relationships above all else. In terms of personal growth, this combination indicates a need to focus on emotional balance and equilibrium. It suggests the importance of finding inner peace, particularly when handling difficult situations. It also encourages taking a more reflective approach when dealing with heightened emotions.


The combination of The Temperance and King of Cups is a powerful message of harmony and balance. It reminds us of the importance of emotional maturity and balance in all aspects of our lives. When these two cards appear together in a reading, it is a sign of emotional intelligence and wisdom, encouraging us to find inner peace and balance as we navigate the ups and downs of life.