Five of Cups & Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Combination and Meaning

The Five of Cups and Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Combination

When it comes to Tarot readings, the Five of Cups and Three of Pentacles card combination can offer valuable insights into a range of life circumstances. The Five of Cups is part of the Minor Arcana Tarot cards and represents loss, regret, and disappointment. The Three of Pentacles also belongs to the Minor Arcana and symbolises hard work, cooperation, and progress. When appearing together in a Tarot reading, these cards combine to create a unique meaning that sheds light on the situation at hand. Here, we delve into the deeper layers of the Five of Cups and Three of Pentacles combination to explore its potential interpretations and how it might apply to different scenarios.

Interpretation 1: Lingering Regret Over Past Collaborations

The Five of Cups representing loss and disappointment combined with the Three of Pentacles symbolising collaboration and progress, can suggest that there is regret lingering from past group projects or collaborations. The loss signified by the Five of Cups may indicate that the outcome of the project or the overall teamwork was disappointing, and it may have led to a sense of loss either financially, professionally or personally. However, the Three of Pentacles highlights that the person has viable skills that would benefit in a similar situation in the future. This combination of cards calls for one to reflect on past group projects and find meaning in the disappointment to better themselves for future partnerships.

Interpretation 2: Realising the Value of Collaboration

The Five of Cups combined with the Three of Pentacles suggest a situation where an individual may be going through a tough time and experiencing a sense of loss or failure. Yet, they can find comfort in the community and people who are there to support them. This combination of tarot cards may indicate that the individual feels unappreciated or overlooked, but needed contributions from others to complete a project or task. When interpreting the Five of Cups and Three of Pentacles in this way, this combination encourages us to focus on positive aspects of relationships and collaborations that offer support and motivation.

Interpretation 3: Accepting One's Struggle as a Source of Growth and Progress

The combination of the Five of Cups and Three of Pentacles can also suggest that one is going through a transitional phase in life. In this stage, obstacles may have arisen, reflective of the Five of Cups, and one may feel a sense of loss or regret due to the changes happening. However, the Three of Pentacles reminds us of the progress we can make through collaboration. When these cards appear together in a reading, it may indicate that progress can come from accepting past losses, embracing change, and seeking support from trusted individuals. This combination encourages the individual to look beyond obstacles and focus on the potential for growth.


In conclusion, the Five of Cups and Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Combination, much like other card combinations, can offer significant insights and guidance during Tarot readings. The Five of Cups highlights the presence of loss, regret or disappointment, while the Three of Pentacles represents cooperation, hard work and progress. Together, these cards suggest collaborative efforts to progress and communicate with the people around us. The meaning of this combination can vary depending on the situation, but ultimately, it encourages individuals to reflect, seek out support when needed, and embrace change as a source of growth.