Five of Wands & Two of Swords Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


In tarot card reading, different card combinations can hold deep meanings and provide insights into various aspects of life. The Five of Wands and Two of Swords are two tarot cards that when combined, can offer valuable insights about conflict and decision-making. In this article, we will explore the meaning of the Five of Wands and Two of Swords as a combination in tarot card reading.

The Five of Wands

The Five of Wands is part of the Minor Arcana and is known for depicting conflict, competition, and struggle. In this card, we see five people holding wands, seemingly battling each other. The card represents a moment of tension or conflict in a situation, and it can signify that multiple parties are competing for the same thing. The Five of Wands can also represent a struggle to stand out or be heard in a crowd.

The Two of Swords

The Two of Swords is also a Minor Arcana card that is often associated with difficult decision-making. The card depicts a woman blindfolded with two swords crossed on her chest, suggesting a dilemma where a decision must be made without being fully informed. The Two of Swords can represent a moment of indecisiveness or a feeling of being stuck in a situation where options are limited.

The Five of Wands and Two of Swords Combination

When the Five of Wands and Two of Swords appear together in a tarot card reading, it can suggest a situation where there is a conflict that requires a difficult decision. It can indicate that there are multiple parties involved in the conflict, and a decision must be made that satisfies everyone. The combination of these two cards can signify a moment of intense struggle, where a decision must be made even though all options may seem equally difficult.

Interpreting the Combination

Interpreting the Five of Wands and Two of Swords combination in tarot card reading can be challenging, but it can provide valuable insights and guidance. When these cards appear together, it can indicate that we are facing a situation that requires us to make a difficult decision that involves multiple parties. It may also signify that we are feeling indecisive or that we are struggling to stand out in a crowded situation.


The combination of the Five of Wands and Two of Swords can provide valuable insights for anyone facing a moment of conflict or indecisiveness. By understanding the meanings of these two cards and how they interact with each other, we can gain a deeper understanding of the situation and find a path forward that satisfies everyone involved. While the Five of Wands and Two of Swords combination can be challenging, it can ultimately lead to a greater sense of clarity and peace.