The Devil & Two of Wands Tarot Card Combination and Meaning


The art of tarot card reading can be a powerful tool for gaining insight into one's life. When interpreting tarot cards, it is important to consider not only the individual meaning of each card but also the collective meaning of card combinations. One such combination that can hold great significance is the pairing of The Devil and Two of Wands cards. In this article, we will explore the meaning of this combination and what it might signify in a tarot reading.

The Devil Card

The Devil card is a Major Arcana card that is often depicted as a horned creature with a tail. It represents temptation, materialism, and primal urges. This card can also suggest a desire to break free from societal norms and expectations. It may indicate a sense of feeling trapped or powerless in one's current situation.

Two of Wands Card

The Two of Wands is a Minor Arcana card that often depicts a figure holding a globe, symbolizing a sense of control over one's destiny. This card represents planning, decision-making, and taking a new perspective. It can indicate a willingness to take risks and seize opportunities.

Combination Meaning

When The Devil and Two of Wands cards appear together in a reading, it can suggest a struggle between temptation and reason. The Devil card's energy may be overpowering, leading the querent towards materialism, addiction, or other vices. The Two of Wands energy, on the other hand, encourages rational thinking and planning for the future. This combination may suggest that the querent is at a crossroads, facing a difficult decision that could have lasting consequences.

Positive Interpretation

While The Devil and Two of Wands combination may initially seem negative, it can also have a positive interpretation. This pairing may suggest that the querent has the power to overcome their baser instincts and make a sound decision based on reason and long-term goals. It may also indicate that the querent is ready to take a bold step towards a more fulfilling future.

Negative Interpretation

On the other hand, this combination can also have a negative interpretation. It may indicate that the querent is at risk of succumbing to temptation and making a poor decision. This could result in damaging consequences that affect not only the querent but those around them. It may also suggest that the querent is feeling trapped in a situation that they feel powerless to change.


In summary, The Devil and Two of Wands tarot card combination can hold deep significance in a reading. It suggests a struggle between primal urges and rational thinking, indicating that the querent may be at a crossroads in their life. Depending on the overall context of the reading, this combination can have both positive and negative interpretations. By exploring the collective meaning of tarot card combinations, we can gain a greater understanding of the insights and guidance they can provide.