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Daily Astroslam


You'll lay on the charm thick today. You'll do anything to get what you want -- and I mean anything...

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Start some sort of fitness regime today, but don't overdo it. You don't want to pull a muscle...

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You'll put your creative juices into planning something romantic. Try not to get too freaky or...

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Your domestic life is less than desirable these days. Not only is your physical space a mess, but...

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Romance is in the air, but so is some of the gas you accidentally let out. This could blow your...

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You have a ton of balls up in the air at once, and you're a terrible juggler. Either learn how to...

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You're so sugary sweet and flirtatious today that you'll activate everyone's gag reflex. You're...

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No one can figure you out. You'll sell someone down the river and then toss them a life preserver...

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You're forced to look at the details today. You thought that the larger picture was bad, the...

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It looks like somebody got bit by the morality bug. Friends and co-workers are raising their...

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Prepare for extreme boredom today. Try to resist the urge to let out an arm-stretching yawn during...

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Treat yourself to a good meal tonight. Unfortunately, this will be the only highlight of your day,...

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