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Daily BeautyScope


You want to make a dramatic impact, but do you really want your blush to do it for you? Rely on...

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Those salespeople behind the cosmetics counters can have a hypnotic effect. Break the snake...

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'Use only as directed' -- well, part of you absolutely believes you should follow that rule. The...

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Buying a perfume for someone else is tricky, especially if it's a mate or a best friend. Do a...

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That coat -- it's love at first sight. But once you glimpse the price tag, it becomes a forbidden...

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Should you go vampy or girly? Honestly, you're not sure which gear is more your speed right now....

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When your esthetician tells you her secret for making mascara stay put, your jaw drops. You can't...

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It's easy to get possessive about a certain part of your style territory. Dramatic eye makeup or...

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Some days you like shopping alone, other days you see it as a chance to catch up with friends. It's...

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Embossed buttons and gold-link watches -- these are a few of your favorite things! A few luxe...

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A friend's recommendation is duly noted, but in the end you're not so sure about that masseuse or...

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It was so sweet of your mate, buying you a new shirt! And the best part is, it fits perfectly and...

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