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Daily BeautyScope


Those color combinations that you were taught never to mix? Throw those rules out the window. Pair...

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'Go for the burn' is a really out-of-date motto. The truth is, you need rest just as much as you...

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Too much borrowed stuff leaves you feeling blue. It's a good time to return any and all items that...

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Shellac, glimmer, glow -- whatever the companies call it, it's still lip gloss. All that high-flown...

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The most beautiful thing of all is completing your morning commute without a scratched cornea. So...

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Everyone worries about being attractive to other people, but you have to admit that some of your...

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A new lipstick will lift your spirits, but five of them won't do five times as much mood elevation...

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If it's too warm to wear pantyhose, but you need something on your legs. Try self-tanner, leg...

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You need a pedicure, but you also need to catch up with your best friend, whom you haven't talked...

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Switch it up. Instead of buying your umpteenth lip gloss, save up and get a scented candle in a...

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Red lipstick always looks so elegant and retro on your sister, but on you it looks a little...

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Are you using enough of your best friend's hairspray or perfume to make a difference in their...

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