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Your proclivity for independent thought fails you at restaurants as you fall back on the...

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Today is not one for taking risks. So stick with the things that you know are safe and easy. You...

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You're good at making people laugh, but sometimes for all the wrong reasons. Still, it's not like...

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Your social and private life often collides, as friends have an annoying habit of dropping by...

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Co-workers may get annoyed with your habit of getting directly to the point. But you've never been...

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The day may prove to be intense. Stress will build to a bursting point, so do what you can to stay...

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A romance may have recently crashed violently back to earth. There's nothing more upsetting than...

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Magic may be just within your reach today. It has proved elusive until now, but it will suddenly be...

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You'll feel happy and jovial on the last day of the workweek. So spread the joy by treating friends...

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Perseverance will be your key to success today. The old 'try and try again' adage will ring true as...

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Get together with like-minded friends tonight. Everyone will be in agreement on where to hang,...

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You'll wrestle with temptation today. There'll be many enticing vices that will beckon you to the...

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