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You'll feel unusually introverted today as you ponder the true meaning of life. Maybe it's the...

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Not being in a relationship can put a damper on things. But don't let it bother you; at least...

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Maintain your health. It's too easy to fall into the trap of overindulgence. So get in a workout...

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Being single is a real drag. But don't let your emotions may get the best of you. Put on a happy...

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Nothing goes together better than food and family. So revel in both today. Take the kids out to...

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You may set yourself up for failure today by setting unrealistic goals. Do only the things you deem...

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You may want to eschew giving useless material possessions as presents this year. So do something...

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Get started on that health goal today. Get in the first of what you hope will many more...

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You'll tell friends that you want to alone today. But it won't because you're feeling moody or...

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Join your friends for the last brunch before everyone is too busy to meet up. It'll be good to...

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You'll feel exposed today, and that'll be before you drop your pants at tonight's party. Rather, a...

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You'll have a hard time focusing today. It could be the residual effects of last night's party. So...

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