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Sensitivity will be the key to getting along with people today. Think of others' feelings before...

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Hunger may activate your subconscious imagination today. That's why you'll envision coworkers as...

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You may be inspired to start an office bake sale today. So encourage coworkers to bring homemade...

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People accusing you of being selfish today may have a point. But you won't see the sense of sharing...

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The energy you'll have when you wake up will fade as the morning progresses. Better do something...

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You're not one to rock the boat and you usually go with the flow. But be daring and swim upstream...

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Current work projects may be flying high today, giving you plenty of time on your hands. So treat...

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Don't let persuasive people talk you into doing things against your will today. Lend a deaf ear to...

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You'll be inspired to get yourself in shape today. Now actually do it! Adopting a healthier diet is...

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Your ideal weight goals may seem like a distant star today. But inside you know sacrifice and hard...

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You'll feel expansive and outgoing today. But don't let mean-spirited people burst your bubble....

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Problems at work will give you a major headache today. So avoid all caffeine and cheese products --...

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