Monthly FitnessScope: taurus

July 2017
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Look great and feel great with every little effort you put into being more active and healthy. Even if you're just starting to set up an exercise regimen, you can make fantastic progress now. Move more, sit less, eat better, and sleep more soundly. Get up on July 1st and be persistent. Pop in that aerobics or chair yoga video and do it first thing. What's 20 minutes? Nothing. Be serious on the 4th and have fun at the same time. Is it volleyball or badminton or hoops? You're a winner. Get outside on the weekend of July 8th and 9th. Remember more water and sunscreen. A nice, cool snack, smoothie, or juice afterward sounds good, too. A moonlit stroll with a special someone may sound good, too. It's easy to overdo things on the 15th, so pace yourself and don't overheat. Have more fun on the 20th. Is it belly dancing, hula, or jazz? You're looking good. July 24th may be a rest or low-impact day. You're getting it done. Push more on the 26th. Run or swim farther or faster. If the 30th is draining, you can refuel and refresh on the 31st. Enjoy fresh summer food and fun. Nice!

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