Monthly FitnessScope

Welcome to a brand-new year! You're prepared to get more serious about your basic health and fitness. You've been making great progress and now is the time to get a broader perspective and a plan that moves you up to the next level. It does not have to be dramatic. It can as be gradual and gentle as you please.

Greet January 1 bright and early with enthusiasm and dreams of victory. Do your favorite video and rock it. Wear those new yoga pants on the eighth. Look and feel fantastic. Yoga is fantastic, too.

Be patient with yourself on January 13, but work hard anyway. No slip-ups or bumps or bruises, okay? You want to keep moving. Have a powerful workout, run, or substantial walk on the sixteenth. Want more sports cream? Get it.

Venus enters Aquarius on January 17. Make a small but smart adjustment to your posture and see how much better you move and breathe. Get thoughtful on the twenty-second and learn the new aerobic dance moves more quickly.

January 24 and January 25 are your power days with the moon in Taurus. Do more steps on the flats or on the stair climber. You rock! On the last day of the month, your workout is playtime. Looking great!

Stellar Guidance


To celebrate the dawning of Aquarius season, Colin Bedell from Queer Cosmos suggests ways to take inspiration from a social activist who shares your sign. Let's all do what we can to make the world a better place!

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