Monthly FitnessScope: taurus

April 2017
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Be super-motivated, no excuses or apologies. It's time for you to make a bold push forward. You can run (or bike or swim) farther or faster. Be more stable and agile in yoga or dance. You can do it. Don't look back. Look ahead, far ahead. Pour your heart into your run or aerobics exercise on the 1st and feel much more cheerful on the 2nd. Be healthy-food smart on the 4th. A gooey childhood favorite treat might tempt you. Be moderate or resist. The 6th may have challenges, but you can do your workout, no problem. Add up all those steps. Turn up the music or move to the front of the dance class on the 10th. You're looking good! Exercise is easy on the 13th. Workout buddies want to be there with you. A nice, new shampoo or conditioner brightens things up, too. Be part of a biking or day-hiking group on the 15th or 16th. Is this a long weekend for you? It's Easter. If so, go somewhere special and soak up that glorious spring sunshine. Your heart is totally into your workout on the 22nd. A hot-tub reward is appropriate. Be super-energetic on the 28th. You go!

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