Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of July 2024

This month brings a potent blend of emotional intensity, self-discovery, and a chance to unleash your inner fire, starting with the new moon in your first house on July 5. New moons represent new beginnings, so this is an extremely powerful time to set intentions for what you want to develop and nurture in your love life.

Your love life heats up as Venus, the planet of love, positions herself in fiery Leo on the eleventh, giving romance a big old boost. If you’re single, you will be drawn to bold, outgoing personalities like a beautiful Aries or adventurous Sagittarius. If you have a partner, a renewed spark of passion reignites your connection. Plan playful dates and shower your crush or bae with affection.

There’s a Capricorn full moon packed with mixed signals on July 21, and this lunation brings the inevitable amount of emotional highs and lows. For now, focus on getting introspective, especially when it comes to reevaluating the path that led you to exactly where you are right now. To get what you want, Cancer, you might need to incorporate more structure and stability into your life.

Your time to really shine comes as the sun joins Venus in electric Leo on the twenty-second and rouses something catlike in you. You have a playful, dramatic, and flamboyant energy that awakens your inner fire this Leo season and makes you a tiger in bed. Don’t be afraid to get loud!

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