Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Month of February 2024

Power of Transformation

Cancer, there’s an emphasis on a transformative zone that will last for some time. As February gets underway, the sun shines a light on shared finances, business matters, committed bonds, and your psychological state. This is quite a mixed bag, but this zone is powerful, and with Mercury, Mars, and Venus moving into Aquarius and this same sector on February 4, February 12, and February 16, respectively, as well as Pluto going along for the ride for some time yet, the weeks ahead could have an impact.

The new moon in Aquarius on the ninth is all about new beginnings. But because it aligns with electric Uranus, it also requires some care, which means you could take off prematurely and later regret that you acted without thought. Take your time and dare to be original and you’ll get the best from this lunar phase.

The sun moves into Pisces and your sector of far horizons on February 18 for its annual stay of around a month. With prudent Saturn and dreamy Neptune already in this zone, the sun enables you to assess the state of play. Have you been holding yourself back out of a fear of what you might encounter? If so, you’ll begin to notice more of those times when you might miss out on character-building opportunities that could be extremely good for you.

Chatty Mercury enters Pisces on the twenty-second, which can enhance your curiosity and encourage you to explore ideas and options that truly appeal to you. You might want to pick up some new skills, and if so, this is the ideal time to go ahead.

Finally, the full moon in Virgo and across your communication axis on February 24 could highlight an issue that has been hiding in plain sight. It might be a flaw in a plan, or you might realize just how much someone means to you. This is a chance to acknowledge your feelings and make a decision.

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