Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of July 2024

This month brings powerful, radiant vibes to your love life, Leo! With talkative Mercury partnering with your loud, confident first house on July 2, your thoughts and words become even bolder and more dynamic. As you find your voice and express your feelings, everything begins to fall into place.

On the tenth, your ruler sun trines teacher Saturn, adding focus, discipline, and a bigger sense of responsibility to the goals and skills you want to obtain. So, while you love to be the main attraction, you can benefit from listening to other people’s stories and experiences during this aspect too. Learning an important lesson now will save you a lot of heartache in the future.

You want to capture people’s attention when beautiful Venus moves into your first house on July 11, which isn’t difficult for you during this exciting aesthetic-highlighting transit. You’re so naturally charming and magnetic that when those traits are amplified like they are now, you’re practically irresistible! Go after what (and who) you want while you’re highly favored by the Universe.

The sun joins Venus in your egotistical sign on the twenty-second, welcoming Leo season with a bang! You can confidently be who you truly are now and will be loved almost unanimously for it. You need someone by your side who will help celebrate your individuality, embrace your talents, and hoist you into the spotlight. You deserve to be worshipped.

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