Leo Monthly Horoscope for September 2022

Month of September 2022

Appreciate Your Strengths

The sun journeys through Virgo and your sector of resources until September 22, Leo, so it’s time to take stock of your skills and abilities and consider how you might make the best use of them. It’s also a chance to look at your financial picture and see if there are ways you can get your money to work harder for you. This might involve opening a savings account or starting a side hustle that can net you extra cash.

Charming Venus also moves into Virgo and your money zone on the fourth, which might inspire you to invest in yourself. You know quality when you see it, so if you’re looking for clothes or are eager to get a makeover, you’ll know just where to go to get the best deals.

In addition, talkative Mercury turns retrograde in your sector of talk and thought on September 9, and this could delay projects and key discussions or negotiations. Certain plans might have to be put on the back burner until things start moving again, which should be shortly after October 2.

Relationships could become emotional at the time of the full moon in Pisces on the tenth. This is a chance to share feelings that you have kept to yourself so far. But be forewarned that they could all come out in a rush. On the upside, if you’re going on a first date, it could be a memorable time and something you’re eager to repeat.

Communication and admin move higher up your agenda as the sun moves into Libra on September 22. Its four-week stay in this sector can be excellent for getting support for key projects despite chatty Mercury’s retrograde phase.

Finally, the new moon is in this same zone on the twenty-fifth, which means this could be your chance to plant the seeds of new ideas that will blossom further down the line. If you’re ready to write that novel or learn a new skill, do it now.

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