August 2018: A sun-Jupiter square on August 6 could give very quickly and then take away just as quickly. You’re confident in your natural talents and abilities, but that same confidence can get you into trouble. Getting yourself in too deep and overstepping set boundaries are the two biggest challenges of this transit.

A sun-Mercury retrograde conjunction on the eighth puts your focus on communications and information, but beware of misunderstood messages and other types of disconnects. Mercury retrograde likes to cause problems, but staying alert and on top of your communications game will help you avoid its usual tricks.

The sun enters earthy Virgo on August 23, bringing a month of sensible, hands-on thinking. You’re a flamboyant fire sign, but you can benefit from the practicality that this earth sign brings. Regarding health, pay special attention to intestinal and digestive issues because the Virgin rules these areas.

A sun-Saturn retrograde trine on the twenty-fifth pushes you to set more goals, but frustration could set in when you encounter what seems to be more than your fair share of roadblocks and obstacles. Is the universe out to get you, or is there more you can do? Dig in and fight.

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