Leo Monthly Horoscope

Month of February 2023

Working Together

Leo, the sun in Aquarius and your sector of relating for the first half of the month puts the emphasis on “we” rather than “me.” You’ll enjoy socializing, doing new things with your partner, and interacting in all kinds of ways. And even though demanding Saturn is still journeying through this zone, the sun encourages you to take stock and consider how you might improve key relationships. It’s also an opportunity to get your bearings.

You might need to be more careful around the time of the full moon in your sign on February 5, because it could lead to drama and tantrums if someone isn’t getting the attention they deserve. A relationship issue that has been swept under the carpet could come to a head, making this a potentially emotional day. Avoid doing anything on the spur of the moment. Wait until you’re calm and collected to take action.

Inquisitive Mercury moves into Aquarius on the eleventh, encouraging communication and discussion. Much can be sorted out if you can be the one to start difficult conversations. Mercury enhances your ability to collaborate and close deals, so there’s also scope for negotiation around key opportunities.

As of February 18, the sun will be in a deeply emotional zone for four weeks, inspiring you to let go of emotional baggage. You might be more focused on business, finances, and removing any blocks to your success. This is where a life coach could help you move beyond your limitations so you can enjoy a life of greater wealth and happiness.

The new moon in Pisces on the nineteenth is useful for launching an idea, product, or anything else that’s important, including a new business or romantic relationship. You’ll feel a surge of enthusiasm to get things moving.

Finally, convivial Venus enters upbeat Aries on February 20, which adds further emphasis to your sector of travel. Your taste for the exotic will surely increase.

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