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Super New Moon in Cancer Is About to Give You All the Feels

Super New Moon in Cancer Is About to Give You All the Feels

When we talk about the moon, words like “fertility,” “conception,” and “birth” get thrown around so often that it’s easy to dismiss them as clichés. But they’re such an apt metaphor for the new moon in Cancer that, in this case, we’ll make an exception!  

Think of Cancer as a kind of cosmic womb, a safe space where our creative visions are nurtured and developed until they’re ready to be “born” into the world. With the new moon in this sign, we’re aware how fragile those visions or intentions actually are. At such an early stage, we may feel it’s too soon to act on them or even talk about them—instead, our instinct is to protect them, shelter them, and give them time and nourishment to grow.

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We’ll want to handle ourselves with the same kind of care this month, especially when it comes to our emotional wellbeing. What do we need to feel safe and supported, and what can we do to establish those conditions in our lives? Are we effectively communicating our needs, or unconsciously expecting loved ones to anticipate them for us? (Spoiler alert: we’re more likely to get our needs met if we just ask.)

This new moon is also a time to get real about how much we can (or should) be expected to meet the needs of others. Cancer loves to give and give… but if we concern ourselves too much with other people’s wellbeing at the expense of our own, eventually the well’s going to run dry.

Sensitivity runs deep under the Cancer new moon, and even those of us with thicker skins may feel unusually vulnerable. This can come out as moodiness, defensiveness, or passive-aggressiveness if we’re not careful to express our feelings in more conscious ways.  

To soothe your soul, the best remedy is to enjoy some extra private time in comfort of your own home, or any other place you consider a sanctuary—after all, this lunation falls in the moon’s own “home” sign. What feels like home to you?

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Feeling a bit “crabby” lately, Cancer? Maybe you’re just tired of waiting for your feelings to be acknowledged. To be fair, though, few of us have been blessed with your emotional intelligence—so your subtle signals are most likely flying under the radar. This new moon in your sign invites you to come out of your shell and start expressing yourself in more direct and assertive ways.


Behind your regal bearings and dignified demeanor, Leo, most people would be surprised to learn that you’re actually somewhat shy. It’s just that usually, the warmth of the spotlight is inviting enough to overcome your inhibitions. At this new moon, though, staying out of the spotlight is the greatest gift you can give yourself, as solitude allows you to reconnect with your source and replenish your soul.


As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Still, for your own peace of mind, Virgo, it’s good to at least have a plan—even if some details will inevitably have to be tweaked along the way. This new moon is a time to look ahead and strategize ways to help yourself feel safe, secure, and supported as you navigate the coming months.


You know that success doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game, Libra. When we work together toward a common goal, everyone wins. Still, there’s a time to be a team player, and a time to look out for number one. If concern for your colleagues’ feelings has been preventing you from making a necessary career move, this new moon challenges you to take the course of action that works best for you.


Whether you put your faith in religion, spirituality, or science, one thing’s for sure: to feel emotionally secure, Scorpio, you need something to believe in. This new moon supports you in finding a spiritual home, or deepening your connection to one you’ve already found. Just remember that if you’re truly secure, you’ll respect the freedom of others to follow a different path.


The last thing you’d ever want is to feel dependent on or beholden to anyone, Sagittarius. Unfortunately, the ideal of total self-sufficiency and independence is as mythological as your spirit animal, the centaur! Interdependence is a reality of life that you’re going to have to accept sooner or later—and this new moon suggests you start getting comfortable with the idea.


Stoic and solitary, your ability to survive—even thrive—in difficult circumstances has gotten you far in life, Capricorn. One thing it hasn’t done, though, is teach you how to be a supportive partner or friend. At this new moon, a loved one’s emotional ups and downs provide ample opportunity to learn.  Lesson #1: their willingness to be vulnerable and ask for your support doesn’t mean they’re a weaker person than you.


Serving the common good: from your perspective, Aquarius, it’s only logical. But if your good deeds are coming from the head and not the heart, they could be missing the mark.  To help your fellow humans in any meaningful way, emotional intelligence is a skill you’ll need to develop. At this new moon, start by connecting with your own emotions about a particular issue. Forget what you think—how do you feel?


Referring to creative projects as “babies” might be an overstatement, but in your case, it’s only a mild one, Pisces! After all, the protective instinct you feel toward your artworks-in-progress would put some parents of actual babies to shame. Only you can know for sure when they’ll be ready to share with the world—but this new moon suggests the time is closer than you think.  


Safety and security? Typically, Aries, they’re the last things on your mind. But to a restless adventurer like you, having something to come home to can make all the difference. If you want to enjoy the comforts of home, though, you’ll have to accept the responsibilities that come along with it. This new moon challenges you to put selfish concerns aside and pay some long-overdue attention to family matters.


Show, don’t tell. Taurus, if your communication style could be summed up in a single phrase, that would be it. But while a lot can be expressed with an action, gesture, or touch, it’s easy for the subtle nuances to get lost in translation. At this new moon, consider adding some new words (yes, actual words) to your vocabulary to make your feelings loud and clear.


With so many places to go and people to see, you rarely stay in one place for long, Gemini. But in the constant whir of activity, there’s a part of you that’s always looking for somewhere to settle down. Is it really that hard to find, or are you just overthinking it? This new moon, go back to basics. What are your core values, and what does your heart truly desire? The answers may be simpler than you think.