cancer Daily Horoscope for July 23, 2021

July 23, 2021

This time of year is all about coming back to basics, Cancer. You’re ready to honor a fresh sense of confidence and create a supportive structure for your talents and skills to thrive in. Today’s skies herald the arrival of the full moon in progressive Aquarius, which briefly takes you away from this self-oriented headspace. This lunation shines a light onto your current experience of commitment and unhealed relationship issues that need addressing.

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Daily Love

Venus is dancing through your local third house of communication, thought process, and inner circles—caramelizing while adding a charming layer of sweetness to everything from your immediate exchanges to your romantic daydreams. Who are you thinking about so fondly, Cancer? With the moon hovering over your seventh house of significant others, all the while joining forces with Pluto—ruler of your passionate fifth house of love—there is a greater emphasis on the desire to claim your lover. Luna will be in harmony with Neptune which, in turn, reminds you to consider your hopes and dreams. The power of divine timing is always at play.

Daily Work

A full moon arrives today, Cancer. This lunation will fall within your solar eighth house of business assets. Full moons bring a turning point, culmination, or shift around affairs. So, you may learn of a large debt or late payment. Or, it could signal the arrival of a royalty check or the approval of venture capital or angel investment. If you are looking to renegotiate your benefits package with your employer, the opportunity could present itself at this point in time. This is the first of two back-to-back lunations in this sector, so rest assured that more news is set to appear a month from now.

Daily Dating

You are good with others, and you can charm your way out of almost any situation, but today you're going to experience friction with someone in a position of authority. Be calm. Stay collected. It will be fine.

Daily Bonus

Follow through on promises. It's time to prove there's substance behind the style.