cancer Daily Horoscope for April 10, 2021

April 10, 2021

Saturday’s skies are filled to the brim with cosmic action, Cancer. The moon tiptoes into ambitious Aries, directing your focus towards career concerns. At the same time, messenger Mercury aligns with responsible Saturn, making it an ideal day for serious conversations that need to run smoothly. Lover Venus spends the day cozying up to benefic Jupiter as well, providing positive moods and a romantically buoyant atmosphere.


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Daily Love

Significant information is coming to light—so, pay attention, Cancer. Single or attached, this could be a period of enlightenment—especially regarding your relationships. Today's charming sextile between Mercury and serious Saturn—via your erotic eighth house of intimate unions, energetic exchanges, and soul contracts—is encouraging you to communicate your truth, despite whether or not your crush or significant other approves. Your truth is valid, and with Mars lighting up your unconscious twelfth house of secrets, you could be vocalizing things you'd normally repress. You're healing. Venus will also align with Jupiter in your sultry sex sector... so, you're embracing your inner goddess.

Daily Work

It’s important to allow triggers to pass and take a moment before reacting, dear Crab. You are experiencing a number of intense planetary placements in your tenth house of career. Your ruling planet, the moon, is activating this powerful stellium, signaling forward movement in your professional life. You may feel emotionally powerful and invested, but be careful not to allow old wounds to resurface.

Daily Dating

Let yourself jump when it's time to jump. Your instincts won't let you down! It's a really good day to surprise someone with a gift or anything else that suits your mood in the moment.

Daily Bonus

Try to put your best face forward. Keep both your charm and your wits about you.