cancer Daily Horoscope for April 12, 2021

April 12, 2021

A strange mix of fast and slow seems to permeate the day ahead, Cancer. The first half of the day is highly active and stirs with excitable energy around your career, as the Aries moon reaches out to a variety of planets. It’s an ideal day for plowing ahead with your ambitions and getting things in motion. Later, the moon marches into peace-seeking Taurus, slowing your pace and grounding your energy.

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Daily Love

You're feeling some type of way, Cancer. This feeling is especially prominent after yesterday's new moon but, by that same token, you could also be unsure about taking a leap of faith in your love life. Keep in mind, today's moon will not only continue activating your bossy tenth house of authority, but also clash with hypnotic Pluto in your committed seventh house of significant others, and one-on-one relationships. Single or taken, this suggests the possibility of there being a "tug-of-war," or perhaps some power struggles taking place, between you and a significant other. Protect your values but give opportunity a chance.

Daily Work

Cancer, now is the perfect time to focus heavily on your life path and career. You are experiencing a stellium (three or more planets in one sign) in Aries in your tenth house. This is the area presiding over professional honors, and you can now step into more of a leadership role. This includes the Aries sun, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron pushing you to move forward and take ownership. You can do this, Crab!


Daily Dating

You're obsessing over details today, which could be handy if you're taking care of bills or trying to come to grips with an artistic project. If anyone teases, just get them to help out.

Daily Bonus

You can make just about anything work -- one chocolate chip becomes a dozen cookies!