cancer Daily Horoscope for July 25, 2021

July 25, 2021

Sunday’s skies aren’t exactly a soothing walk in the park, Cancer. The moon treks through the tail-end of solution-seeking Aquarius and locks eyes with hot-headed Mars. This aspect is likely to stoke tensions around financial matters. Thankfully, Luna’s entrance into soothing Pisces later on smooths things over. Meanwhile, messenger Mercury stares down raw Pluto, intensifying relationship conversations to the point of brutal honesty.

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Daily Love

With the moon igniting your eighth house of sex, intimacy, shared resources, and soul connections, there's a greater emphasis on situations surrounding your sex life and themes of "give and take"—or lack thereof—within your unions. Luna will also be making a tricky opposition to audacious Mars which could, in turn, create friction between your desire for emotional stability and what you're being challenged to work on in terms of your relationship. On another note, however, the moon will collide with lucky Jupiter, heightening your emotions whilst inspiring you to expand. What needs to fall away, in order for you to start again, Cancer?

Daily Work

Today could be a disheartening one, Cancer. Mercury, our speedy planet of the mind, will zip happily along until he comes to meet the fury of violent Pluto across the sky in your solar seventh house of business relationships. This opposition often triggers a battle of ideas, within your own mind or between you and another party. You or the other side could become obsessed with one specific negative problem or concept, unleashing a full-scale attack. Do your best to hold it together or the interaction could damage the connection and your reputation. Avoid negotiations, agreements, or presentations for better days ahead.


Daily Dating

Drop all pretense toward normality and just frolic in your deep-rooted weirdness for a while. You can put your game face on again if you need to -- but maybe you won't want to.

Daily Bonus

You needed encouragement to break out of your shell. Now there's no holding you back!