cancer Daily Horoscope for May 6, 2021

May 6, 2021

The grass is always greener somewhere else, Cancer. It’s easy to get swept up into a world of fantastical thinking today, as the imaginative Pisces moon merges with reality-dissolving Neptune. This pairing of planets makes for low-energy levels and highly inspired visions, making it an ideal day to get lost in your favorite kind of fantasy. Save mundane labor for another time!

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Daily Love

Amidst red-hot Mars sizzling through your sign, chances are you're willing to take the necessary risks when it comes to your passions, Cancer. And whether you're single or already attached, this desire is bound to intensify during today's sultry Venus-Pluto aspect. For instance, with the planet of love dazzling through your experimental eleventh house of associations, community, and social media, and hypnotic Pluto activating your committed seventh house of significant others, you could suddenly find yourself in quite the seductive scenario. This smoldering romance could also take place via social media, or perhaps after sliding into that special someone's DMs.

Daily Work

This is a powerful time for you, dear Cancer. You could feel tension regarding your career and the universe may grant you an opportunity to leave the current situation you’re in. Astrologically, this is because of driven Mars in Cancer forming a square with wounded warrior, Chiron, in Aries in your tenth house of career. On a positive note, benefic Venus is sending positive energy to Pluto to help soften this hurdle. Choose the direction that is right for you.

Daily Dating

Your emotional side is powerful, and right now it's dominant, so you win big! Even if some of your feelings are negative, you can still push yourself to greatness. Enjoy the rush.

Daily Bonus

Family and friends are what counts; connect with your loved ones today.