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Cancer Daily Horoscope Tomorrow

May 25, 2024

Allow to-do lists and stress to dissolve as the Sagittarius moon aligns with Neptune this morning, dearest Cancer, temporarily slipping away into a world of spiritual support and divine inspiration. Good vibes follow you once Luna migrates into Capricorn, unleashing the romantic within. Invest in your most treasured relationships, and consider setting long-term goals so you and your partner may grow alongside one another moving forward. You'll sense deep internal shifts once Jupiter enters Gemini later today, traveling through the sector of your chart that governs introspection throughout the coming year. You can expect to gain much wisdom during this planetary transit, especially when you seek enlightenment.

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When you splurge, you really go off the deep end, especially when you can afford it. Today may be one of those days when you have few extra chips to throw around. Buy yourself something pretty, but leave something left over for even more instant gratification. Escargot and a fine chardonnay will be a perfect capper to a day of sinful extravagance.

Daily Home Horoscope

Let your ideas flow freely and definitely think outside the box as you spruce up the rooms in your apartment. Decorative-felt trim is one way to brighten a plain lampshade in you daughter's bedroom. A scattering of flowers is attractive to more than just the dragonflies sailing near the ceiling by silver threads.

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You don't know for sure, but you have a strong intuition that there's something extra special on the horizon. Your stomach is grumbling just imagining what it could be. Be thankful you have regular chow while you wait for the special dish that's in store for you.

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You've been dealing with this for too long -- it's time to deal with a personal problem that won't go away. Once you step up and say something, things should move in the right direction.

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If your temper -- or the tempers of people around you -- are rising, just ride it out.