Cancer Daily Horoscope

April 13, 2024

Sweet dreams may cause you to sleep in as the Gemini moon aligns with Neptune, dear Cancer, marking the perfect excuse to catch up on rest. You'll feel refreshed and ready to be seen once Luna enters your sign mid-morning, making it easier to socialize and receive attention. Just watch out for frustrations within your closest relationships when Pluto stirs, taking care to demonstrate compassion when dealing with temperamental companions. Focus on yourself as evening sets in, allowing your intuition to guide you toward plans with friends or a quiet evening in.

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Daily Food Horoscope

You won't be in a giving mood today, and that will include ceding your opinions to others. So you may have to go it alone today, if only to avoid the inevitable tiresome arguments on where to go for lunch. Your choices always seem too radical to others anyway -- as if something is wrong with raw sea urchin.

Daily Home Horoscope

Too many cooks in the kitchen had their way with your special sauce. Ask a guest or a housemate to reroute the pest's attention. Remove too much salt from a sauce by dipping a sugar cube on the surface. Swirl it around. Repeat three or four times until you get the flavor you desire.

Daily Dog Horoscope

Can you afford to draw attention to yourself today? Figure that out before you leave the doghouse. As much as you love being alpha, your best strategy for a good day may simply be blending into the foliage.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

You'll be subtly rewarded for all your hard work today. Whether it's an 'excellent' written into the margins of your latest paper, or a smile at your crazy plans for a party, savor this sign of appreciation. You deserve it!

Daily Cat Horoscope

Life is beyond good for you today -- maybe the humans upgraded your chow or your bed or some other important part of your living arrangement. It's easy to see that things are on the upswing!

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Look closely -- the small details you come across today will help you choose wisely.