gemini Daily Horoscope for July 23, 2021

July 23, 2021

You’ve only just begun to explore your relationship with your mental health, Gemini. For you, Leo season is about engaging with the smaller thoughts that wind up creating the whole of your philosophies. Today’s skies see the arrival of the full moon in logical Aquarius, illuminating the macrocosm of your beliefs and its impacts on your world. Stand in the light of this lunation and examine which outgrown beliefs could use a fresh perspective.

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Daily Love

Strike a pose, Gemini. With Venus dazzling your tenth house of authority and public persona, you're in the spotlight both in your professional life, and when it comes to romance. Post that selfie, and make sure you look the part, too. Fortunately, with Venus caramelizing this area of your chart, you don't have any trouble doing so. On another note, Luna's sultry transit through your eighth house of sex, intimate unions, energetic exchanges, and soulmate connections continues to shed light on the foundation of your partnerships, as well as the work that needs to be put into this connection. For some of you, this could revolve around joint finances.

Daily Work

A full moon arrives today, Gemini. As it shines within your solar ninth house of expansion, you may be in the middle of a major academic, media, publishing, or international project. If you have been focusing on going back to school, now may bring the acceptance. Some Geminis will be focusing on a publicity plan, perhaps debuting in a magazine or being featured on a news segment. Last, if your business engages with international audiences or companies, you will find a major turning point around the situation at this time.

Daily Dating

Everyone is looking to you to make the next move. You may have a lot going on in your life, but you're still the center of your social group. They depend on you way more than you probably realize.

Daily Bonus

Feed your decision-making process with input from everyone involved. See all sides.