gemini Daily Horoscope for May 14, 2021

May 14, 2021

Your body needs more attention than it's been getting, Gemini. The moon’s presence in your sign today works to help you re-establish a healthy connection to your physical self, rather than have you carry on existing solely in your mental world! Luna’s reality-dissolving square to Neptune makes it an ideal day to pamper yourself and lean into leisure. Later, the moon’s entrance into Cancer highlights your current financial state.

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Daily Love

There's a plethora of energy igniting your mutable territory, which can only mean one thing, Gemini: You're getting a lot of attention, and you love it. Although, despite whether you're single or already taken, chances are you can't seem to refrain from flirty pow wows, and riveting games of mental tennis either. Nevertheless, the moon will wrap up in your sign today, but before it officially concludes its journey, it will clash with elusive Neptune via your bossy tenth house of authority, career, and legacy in the world. Sounds sketch (and it is) but try to avoid sharing personal tidbits on social media, at least for now.

Daily Work

Dear Gemini, the cosmos are granting you much energy in order to navigate your career life with gusto. You currently have a powerful line up of planets in your first house of self. These planets are forming tense aspects with the benefic Jupiter in your career sector. You could be going through new career shifts, which align more with your true talents. Use this as a time for personal growth and decide what feels right for you personally.

Daily Dating

Expect a few shocking insights today. You have intuition to spare! You're not troubled by something that went down recently that's causing all sorts of chatter among your people.

Daily Bonus

Solving this mystery will change your life; figure out why things are this way.