gemini Daily Horoscope for May 11, 2021

May 11, 2021

You’ve been hard to reach in recent weeks, Gemini. This time of year has you dealing head-on with long held emotional baggage, which is why you’ve needed significant time alone to process in solitude. Tuesday’s skies arrive with a mission to help you release and renew yourself, as the new moon emerges in grounded Taurus. This lunation focuses your energy in the month ahead on letting go and reconnecting with your own sense of spirituality.

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Daily Love

Single or attached, one thing's for sure, Gemini: Important conversations are bound to take place today. Your intellectually driven planetary ruler, Mercury, will join forces with the North Node today, creating a powerful momentum in regards to your communication style and the foundation of a much-needed exchange. For some Geminis, this cosmic synergy could trigger you to come clean about your feelings for that special someone, but there's still some work for you to do in the process. For instance, Mars is currently lighting up your second house of value systems, but it will also clash with Chiron today. If you're afraid of acting, ask yourself why.

Daily Work

 Gemini, what you dream about, you can achieve. Under the darkness of the new moon in Taurus you can gain creative clarity and understand where you may have been limiting yourself in your career. The new moon is in your subconscious mind, bringing up where you have been undervalued. There is a harmonious aspect between the new moon and Neptune, which has been encouraging you to move toward more emotionally fulfilling work. Put yourself first at this time.

Daily Dating

Thinking is more important to you than doing today, though that doesn't mean that you're just going to be lost in the stars. Try your best to keep it practical even if that doesn't seem possible.

Daily Bonus

Moving too quickly might not be as productive as you think. Slow it down.