gemini Daily Horoscope for April 12, 2021

April 12, 2021

Both your quiet Twin and loud Twin get equal air time today, Gemini. The moon cruises through go-getter Aries the first half of the day, embracing a series of stimulating cosmic connections. Expect to be reaching out to people in your network and to be on your game socially. Later, Luna dips into slow and steady Taurus, withdrawing you into your inner world for some quiet restoration.

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Daily Love

Show them what you're really made of, Gemini. You're making quite an impression on your peers—secret admirers included. This is especially true with the sun igniting your freedom-loving eleventh house of community, all the while forming a harmonious sextile with go-getter Mars in your sign. For some of you, this could have something to do with your desire for freedom in a particular relationship. After yesterday's new moon, chances are you're already taking action. Luna will also clash with smoldering Pluto in your erotic eighth house of intimacy, energetic exchanges, and soul contracts—so, make sure you're communicating effectively in the process.

Daily Work

Twins, you may feel powerful and have a deep understanding of where you want your career to be at this time. This has required you to “get real” with your goals and where you should now put your energy. The planet of action, Mars, has been revving up your energy in the sign of Gemini. Now, it’s sending tense energy to Neptune in Pisces in your tenth house of career. This aspect is providing you with the internal friction necessary to make the right professional decisions for yourself.

Daily Dating

You could be having a rough patch with neighbors or housemates, and you might have to hide out for the day. Communication is almost sure to break down otherwise! Get back to it in a few days.

Daily Bonus

Someone is out to drive you crazy today with their meddling; don't let them.