Gemini Daily Horoscope

October 3, 2023

An empowering and transformative energy follows you today, dear Gemini, thanks to a supportive connection between Mercury and Pluto. This cosmic climate encourages speaking from the heart, transforming your most intimate dynamics through intimacy and emotional exchange. However, you should be mindful of who you surround yourself with, as Venus and Neptune share an unbalanced aspect, causing boundaries to blur. Your intuition will also be heightened during this time, which could make it difficult to block out other people's energy. Work with a passion project as evening rolls in and the moon blows a kiss to the sun, unleashing creative potential.

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Daily Food Horoscope

Everyone wins today as power struggles at home escalate into warfare. There'll be a snide remark, then a challenge and finally an invitation to throw down! And the two of you will go at it: buttermilk pancakes with hickory sausage patties in one corner, salmon Benedict and garlic home fries in the other. And your family will be at ringside, cheering the both of you on!

Daily Home Horoscope

Yard sale weather means some extra money in your pocket if you host the sale rather than wander the sales. Post signs that are easy for people to read and you will have success.

Daily Dog Horoscope

Humans are taking you at your word today, so be especially aware of what you express. Aggression, growling and barking, for instance, can get you into some serious trouble. But lots of licking and snuggling may result in a few table scraps.

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Your jealous side comes out today, and while that's not your favorite aspect of yourself, it has its uses. You may find that it makes your love life somehow simpler or draws someone closer.

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You're not likely to share anything today -- kibble, toys or affection! If you get what's yours, then you just hunker down and nap the day away. Say hello to the humans only when you feel like it.

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Possessive feelings usually indicate some insecurity -- what are you afraid of?