gemini Daily Horoscope for May 16, 2021

May 16, 2021

Your intimate relationships have been pressing you to embark on some major inner changes, Gemini. Sunday’s skies highlight this narrative, as the illuminating sun harmoniously connects with emotionally-potent Pluto. This aspect helps you dig deep into your own psychology and stare head on at what needs changing within. The gentle Cancer moon’s union with Neptune helps put a dreamy haze over the day too.

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Daily Love

The moon will join forces with audacious Mars via your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances, and value systems—emotionally binding you to themes surrounding financial matters and, more importantly, your sense of security. And despite whether you're single or taken, today's transformative trine will light up your twelfth house of unconscious patterns, and your intimate eighth house of soul ties, shedding light on everything from residual energies that are no longer serving your highest good, to the parts of you that lack compassion. You're healing, Gemini. The good news is, both Mercury and Venus are working in your favor, so find the right choice of words.

Daily Work

Hidden information can reveal itself today, but ultimately it’s likely to benefit you when it comes to work, dear Gemini. Perhaps there is more room in your budget that you did not foresee, or maybe you’ve underestimated your spending. With this newfound resource, it can feel like a weight off of your shoulders. The abundant Taurus moon is in your twelfth house and coming to light with its connection to powerful Pluto in Capricorn in your financial sector. Make the best use of this extra dose of material help.

Daily Dating

You're sinking into something that's perfectly lovely. You don't care what happens next as long as you get to go deeper! It might be a love thing or a work thing, but you don't want it to stop!

Daily Bonus

You're right, and you know you're right -- but let them win the battle this time.