gemini Daily Horoscope for May 17, 2021

May 17, 2021

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Daily Love

Cat catch your tongue, Gemini? You're unapologetically expressive but with your clever planetary ruler, Mercury, already in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, it's important to think before you say something you don't mean. Granted, a sweet trine between the sun in your karmic twelfth house of unconscious patterns, and powerhouse Pluto in your intimate eighth house of mergers, creates a transformative synergy that challenges you to shed your snakeskin. Perhaps you're holding onto resentment or a past relationship that didn't get the necessary closure. If you're already coupled or interested in someone, try to be more conscious of your projections and exchanges.

Daily Work

Gemini, this is a transformative day for you regarding your work. An incoming positive change can lead to growth, expansion, and calling in abundance at this time. Benefic Venus is in your first house of self and identity—forming an exact connection with the North Node in Gemini. This type of important activation is encouraging you to move more towards your life path, especially as we head towards your season. As a talented communicator, where can you be more authentic with others in your work? This will serve you quite well.

Daily Dating

Try to get your people rallied for your big plan, whether it's a party or something unexplainable. Your smarts and their energy should combine into something really spectacular.

Daily Bonus

You've spent enough time on the sidelines. It's time to get back into the action!