Gemini Daily Horoscope Tomorrow

March 6, 2024

Your inner boss rises to the occasion as the Capricorn moon aligns with Mercury, dear Gemini, giving you an edge in business dealings. Soften up to strengthen important bonds when Neptune stirs, creating an opportunity for harmonious and deep interaction. Search for support in numbers when Mars and Chiron align, and consider investing in your spiritual community. You'll feel elevated and intuitive as evening rolls in and the moon enters Aquarius, activating the sector of your chart that governs expansion and higher thinking. Honor your ancestors when Luna crosses over Pluto, thinning the veil that separates our worlds.

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The last thing you'll want to deal with today are details, but there they'll be, waiting. You'll do your best to put it off by hanging around the lunch room, but there's only so many cups of coffee you can drink, only so many Danishes you can eat, only so much gossip you can filter. So you'll have to face them, because they're waiting. There. For you.

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Take the advice of friends who are in the know. If a friend of yours is in the gardening business, and he recommends that you not use wrought iron in your yard, trust that he knows that the metal will rust within five years.

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You know what they say about the view from behind. You'll be staring at the rear end of mere acquaintances if you can't convince your owner to speed things up. It's up to your to pick up the pace. After all, you're in the lead.

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Today may be a major turning point, so just let go and stop worrying about things.