Gemini Daily Horoscope

December 5, 2023

You'll have a chance to sort through your emotions in a way that is productive and logical, dear Gemini, thanks to Luna's continued journey through Virgo. Emotional breakthroughs and moments of enlightenment are liable to find you when the moon connects when Uranus this afternoon, and a journaling session could be just what you need to find clarity. Good vibes flow as Venus and Saturn share a sweet exchange, and professional recognition could be on the table as others celebrate your natural people skills and responsible nature. Boundaries could blur later tonight when Neptune becomes agitated, but try not to feed confusion by bringing moodiness into the equation.

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Daily Food Horoscope

Your friends know you too well, so don't pooh-pooh them when they offer you advice. Commenting on your ballooning weight is not meant to be an insult, and if they offer to cook you a grilled chicken breast and green salad dinner, they do it out of love and in the hopes of teaching you healthier ways to eat.

Daily Home Horoscope

As your workplace romance blossom and flowers once again appear on your desk, you may find your secret is already out. Denying you are in love will only increase the rumors and keep you from what you are paid to do -- maintain your inbox. Being in love while paying attention to business will increase your charisma.

Daily Dog Horoscope

No matter how long the leash is, your owner is still intractable. At least you're not both being willful at the same time. Let your human be as stubborn as they want to be because you're in the mood to be lead along by anything, even a string.

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Put the brakes on and take your zippy brain down to a slower speed. Mull things over carefully and consider them from every angle. You might come up with some fascinating new insights.

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Help a human in need today-- even if they don't understand that they need you! Maybe it's time to show them how to purr, or maybe they just have to learn a lesson that only you can teach them.

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Time spent in observation is time well spent. Watch what's happening around you now.