gemini Daily Horoscope for April 14, 2021

April 14, 2021

A shift is stirring in the air today, Gemini. Bond-building Venus is departing from her stay in hyper-active Aries and is moving forward into peace-seeking Taurus, where she’ll stay until May 8. This transition finds you moving inward and away from excessive social involvement. Your values are beginning to shift towards prioritizing alone time, recuperation, and reconnecting with your own version of spirituality.

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Daily Love

You're leaning towards the thought of taking a much-needed risk… but something keeps getting in the way of this decision, Gemini. This could be thanks to the moon's transit through your unconscious twelfth house of closure, dreams, karma, clandestine affairs, and all things behind the scenes, as you are likely more in touch with your inner world than you're comfortable with. The bottom line is this: You cannot squeeze the logic out of your current feels, so you might as well deal with them firsthand. If you're crushing on that special someone, go with the divine flow. Luna will also clash with Jupiter—the ruler of your relationship sector—but not if you can help it.

Daily Work

Gemini, financial and budgetary matters can come into focus for you today. If you have made some missteps in this area in the past, the universe is pushing you to make the shifts necessary to improve your situation. This is also a time where contracts can come up again in order to be renegotiated. This is due to money-oriented Venus in Aries forming a connection with Pluto in your eighth house of transformation. Take time to look at the details.

Daily Dating

If you're in school, things should really start to click for you today. If not, you may discover an author or a big idea that really appeals to you. Dive into it and learn more!

Daily Bonus

This isn't a time to make big moves. Slow down. Explore all the avenues.