pisces Daily Horoscope for May 16, 2021

May 16, 2021

Your ambitions have been in a constant state of change in recent years, Pisces. Let the transformations continue, as you’re only getting closer to clarifying your true goals. Sunday’s skies shine a healing light onto this ongoing story, as the sun smoothly aligns with illuminating Pluto. Elsewhere, the soulful Cancer moon aligns with dreamy Neptune, allowing you to tune out and float in a dreamworld of your own design.

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Daily Love

Follow your heart, Pisces. With the moon sitting together with red-hot Mars via your flirtatious fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure, chances are you're burning with lust and romantic desire. But it doesn't end there. There will be a powerful trine between the sun in your communication sector, and smoldering Pluto via your eleventh house of associations today, bringing forth the opportunity to make pivotal connections and/or gain important insight. Keep in mind, Plutonian energy brings catharsis, rebirth, and much needed tower moments, so pay attention to the events that transpire during this time. You could very well learn something new about a lover or a potential prospect.

Daily Work

Pisces, some setbacks regarding money can occur for you today, leaving you feeling some inner tension about your self-worth. This could be through clients underrating your work, or you feeling as though you are not being compensated enough for your work. This is due to Mars in its debility, forming a difficult aspect with Chiron in Aries in your money sector. Navigate this energy by taking inventory of what you bring to the work table. Create strategic conversations with important colleagues  to bring change.

Daily Dating

You need to settle down a bit and really listen to what people are telling you. They're not exactly being cryptic, but if you miss even one detail, none of it is going to make sense.

Daily Bonus

Why are you hesitating? You always do the right thing. This should be no exception.