Pisces Daily Horoscope Yesterday

July 11, 2024

Surround yourself with those who inspire and encourage the fire within, Pisces, as the Virgo moon blows a kiss to passionate Mars. Meanwhile, Venus makes her debut into Leo and the sector of your chart that governs wellness, asking you to take your health more seriously throughout the coming weeks. A buzz fills the air when Uranus activates this afternoon, marking the perfect occasion to get your flirt on. Embrace all things harmonious to decompress when the moon aligns with Neptune before migrating into Libra. Keep a close circle as the day comes to a close and Luna aspects Venus and Pluto.

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Daily Food Pisces Horoscope

Don't be deluded into thinking you can go wild today. Mindless eating can wreak havoc on your waistline and health. Be choosy when choosing a place where you can splash out. Lots of sashimi and chirashi-sushi make for a much healthier way to celebrate.

Daily Home Pisces Horoscope

It's easy to forget how simple it is to sew on a button. Shirts sit in the closet, not being worn for months, because they're missing a middle button. Is it worth not wearing that item for months just so you don't have to do something that takes three minutes?

Daily Dog Pisces Horoscope

You're suddenly afraid to dip your dew claws in the water. Don't worry, there aren't any sharks out there, only a bunch of minnows. But that's not much consolation for a dog afraid of their shadow. You may want to stay in your basket for the day.

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Daily Teen Pisces Horoscope

'Just because I'm quiet doesn't mean that I'm upset.' Get used to saying that a lot today. Just be glad that you've got good buds who worry when they think you're feeling down.

Daily Cat Pisces Horoscope

Try hard not to jump in when the other kitties goad you -- it's essential that you feel confident in yourself before moving! Your great personal energy should help you evaluate each situation.

Daily Bonus Pisces Horoscope

You are lucky -- look at your life as an outsider and you will appreciate it more.