pisces Daily Horoscope for July 27, 2021

July 27, 2021

Be mindful with your energy levels today, Pisces. The moon’s presence in your sign emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with your body in a mindful way. Luna’s union with reality-melting Neptune can make it hard to clarify boundaries while increasing day-dreaminess.  Meanwhile, mental Mercury moves forward into dazzling Leo, where it remains until August 11. Mercury’s presence here turns your mental focus towards getting ahead work-wise.

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Daily Love

You've always been an enigma, Pisces. And if you're wondering whether this mysterious charm has anything to do with your planetary ruler, Neptune, you guessed right. As you know, the moon rules your affectionate fifth house of passion and self-expression, and the moon will continue to swim through your mutable waters... but there's more. Luna will be joining forces with mystifying Neptune in your sign which can dissolve the boundaries between your fantasies and current reality. Have you been approaching your special someone with honesty and integrity? Or are you hiding behind an elusive veil of uncertainty?

Daily Work

Mental Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, shifts into hyper-drive within your solar sixth house of employment, Pisces. If you’ve wanted to take on more projects at your job, they will likely arrive now. You will fare especially well, so focus, think big, and get excited. Relationships with coworkers and clients will also go extremely well now and in the weeks ahead. Focus on all of your daily tasks and how you can improve your efficiency and productivity. Last, if you are out of work and in search of the right opportunity, hustle now and apply everywhere that you can. Mercury’s energy here will increase your chances of finding something perfect for you.

Daily Dating

Get on the bandwagon and join the next new big thing -- or, if you're feeling sassy, build your own wagon and parade around until you've accrued a gang to call your own.

Daily Bonus

Pull out your sharpest tool: your intuition. Follow it in love, work, and money.