pisces Daily Horoscope for May 8, 2021

May 8, 2021

No one knows the material you’ve been privately working through, Pisces. Friday’s skies encourage you to stay with the mystery and lean into releasing old baggage that blocks your path forward; value-defining Venus squares off with your ruling planet, Jupiter. This aspect highlights important conversations that propel healing and forward movement away from self-sabotaging behavior. Venus slides into Gemini afterwards, bringing positive energy to your home and family until June 2.

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Daily Love

Honor your self-worth, especially when it has to do with your love life, Pisces. In addition to today's moon sitting alongside the wounded healer, Chiron, it will light up your stability-seeking second house of values, which means past wounds stemming from similar themes are bound to resurface. Have you been making too many sacrifices as of late? It's not always about getting something in return, but today's square between Venus in your communication sector, and your traditional ruler, Jupiter, could potentially lead to greed and/or overindulgence. Saying what someone wants to hear to avoid confrontation isn't your only solution; be honest with yourself and others.


Daily Work

Dear Fish, your hopes, dreams, and future vision are becoming more alive. After much contemplation, setting intentions, and discovering what truly makes you fulfilled, you now can start to take steps in a new direction. The planet of growth, Jupiter, is on its final degree in Aquarius in your hidden twelfth house. While on the cusp of major personal growth, identify the work life you have been dreaming of.

Daily Dating

All that business that kept your mind so engaged yesterday is starting to get kind of overwhelming today. It's a good time for you to prioritize and try to get back in control of your life.

Daily Bonus

You're the underdog, and your victory will be that much sweeter.