pisces Daily Horoscope for March 3, 2021

By Mackenzie Greer

March 3, 2021 Yesterday

The universe has been keeping you on the go in recent weeks, Pisces. Energetic Mars has been pushing you to share your voice and maintain movement in your environment. That story begins to change today, as Mars moves forward into thoughtful Gemini. Mars’ stay in the sign of the twin focuses your energy on the home beneath your feet and helps you better confront any unspoken family issues, from now through April 23.

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Daily Love

In the midst of today's moon shaking up your exotic ninth house of adventure, expansion, and faraway lands, it will also align with the sun in your sign—encouraging you to explore your horizons and step into your fullest potential. More importantly, today's electric sextile between Venus in your sign and rebellious Uranus in your third house of communication, peers, and immediate networks, could bring everything from a shocking message from your crush to an unexpected encounter that brings serious fireworks. And with a stellium of planets hovering over your karmic twelfth house, chances are you're dealing with a soulmate.

Daily Work

Fish, your attention will move towards your emotional world as the cosmos are encouraging you to decide your path forward towards the future. This can feel like a challenging concept to think about because it may require you to go in a different professional direction. The planet of action, Mars, moves into Gemini and is forming an empowering aspect with Venus in Pisces in your first house of self. You also are experiencing your planetary ruler, Jupiter, in your hidden twelfth house. This is a time to take inspired action towards what fulfills you emotionally, not just for the paycheck. Take time out alone to identify your core life path and wishes.

Daily Dating

You need to do something that is just for you today, even if you're feeling that great energy that means you want to do good in the world. Well, you're part of the world, aren't you?

Daily Bonus

Watch every dime. Your account balance may not be what you expect -- check it.