sagittarius Daily Horoscope for October 14, 2021

October 14, 2021

Things have undoubtedly been changing in your approach to your work/life balance, Sagittarius. You’ve had to waver in and out of extremes of rest and stress to find what really functions for you! Thursday’s skies touch on this story as the moon meanders through future-gazing Aquarius and squares off with change-demanding Uranus. Aim to prioritize having your voice heard and your mind fed with fresh insights today.

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Daily Love

Luna governs your sultry eighth house of sex, intimate unions, and soulmate connections, but it continues to wander through your curious third house of communication, thought processes, and immediate surroundings. Is it time for a talk with babe, Sagittarius? However, Luna's tricky square to rebellious Uranus could create friction between your first impression of the situation and the chaotic details of it all. There is, after all, more than one side to every story, which is precisely where Mercury retrograde comes in. Celestial ruler of your committed seventh house of significant others, this Mercury retrograde cycle is encouraging you to lean on your peers and keep an open mind.

Daily Work

Get connected, Sagittarius. The desire to connect, talk, and collaborate is immense today! As the sun in Libra forms a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius, you may find yourself in an unlikely yet welcomed brainstorm session. It could be time to talk about your professional dreams and aspirations with a friend. Dive into what you want to accomplish or any projects you want to propose. Your conversations could very well lead to a lightbulb idea that inspires you to do something different in your workplace, ultimately shaping a new direction for your career path.

Daily Dating

Expect to come back to earth by this afternoon. That's a good thing, considering your state of mind earlier in the day, when it's operating on some higher plane, receiving ancient insights and philosophical ramblings.

Daily Bonus

Keep yourself busy today -- your mind should be occupied with productive things.