2022 is here! Reveal what’s to come in love, health, career, and finances with a personalized 2022 Horoscope. 2022 is here! Reveal what’s to come in love, health, career, and finances with a personalized 2022 Horoscope.

sagittarius Daily Horoscope for January 20, 2022

January 20, 2022

Watch out for stress at work today, darling Archer, as the Virgo moon hits a series of harsh aspects while activating the sector of your chart that rules career. You may be tempted to confront your colleagues for making a mistake, leaving their food in the fridge past Friday, or leaving a mess in the common areas. Still, such interactions could quickly become heated without you realizing it. If you can manage to take the day off without consequence, you may want to consider doing so. Today will feel fairly disorganized and chaotic, which will make escaping from your typical routine more tempting than usual.

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Daily Love

As you may remember, the moon governs your intimate eighth house of sexual chemistry, shared resources, and soulmate connections, but it will be transiting through Virgo via your bossy tenth house of authority. Are you ready to take the initiative when it comes to a romantic love offer, Sagittarius? However, given that the moon will be in direct opposition to your expansive planetary ruler, Jupiter in Pisces — via your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family matters, and innermost feelings — you could simultaneously experience feelings of friction, namely when it comes to discerning between your intuition and your logical mind. Either way, follow your heart.

Daily Work

Sagittarius, what can you accomplish while the moon is in Virgo? Efficient Luna is glowing in your sector of career and achievements today, which indicates that you may be in the spotlight. On a positive note, the lunation could imply being noted for your intellect, writing, speaking, or productivity. On a negative note, you may be critical of your current position in your career. As the lunar energy opposes Jupiter in Pisces, you should have a more hopeful outlook of your professional path no matter where you are in it!

Daily Dating

You have the energy to tackle any household business. So whatever you've been putting off, from washing floors to installing solar panels, get it done today. The stars smile on all things domestic!

Daily Bonus

All work and no play is no fun. There's nothing wrong with just enjoying yourself.