sagittarius Daily Horoscope for May 13, 2021

May 13, 2021

As a Sagittarius, you’re ruled by the expansion-seeking, growth-giving planet, Jupiter. Today’s skies find Jupiter on the move, as it departs from heady Aquarius into feelingful Pisces. This transition is likely to intensify an awareness of your feelings, family connections, and home base. This shift is a positive one overall, as it helps you relocate or expand upon your current living situation or family until July 28.

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Daily Love

Today's moon will continue touching down on your harmony-seeking seventh house of commitments, compromise, negotiations, and significant others, bringing your emotional attention to themes surrounding your one-on-one relationships, despite whether you're single or taken. The best part about this is, Mercury and Venus are also activating this area of your solar chart, and this increases the likelihood of you meeting someone who's equally as mentally stimulating as they are compatible. Also, the moon will link up with taskmaster Saturn in your communication sector today, so if there's something you need to get off your chest, don't hesitate to do so, Sagittarius.

Daily Work

Sagittarius, this is a lucky time for you as your planetary ruler, Jupiter moves into Pisces. This is the planet of luck’s other home sign, and it can feel extremely comfortable to express its benefits of growth. It’s moving into your emotional center, and providing you with the stability needed to start to tackle your day-to-day work. This also can ease any stress on your well-being from overworking recently. You can use this as a time to receive.

Daily Dating

You're exploring your inner self today, even if that's not exactly at the top of your to-do list. Sometimes your spirit commandeers your consciousness and you just have to go along for the ride!

Daily Bonus

Don't worry about follow through today; use your energy to get things started.