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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

December 7, 2023

You'll play the role of motivator and trendsetter today, dear Sagittarius, as the Libra moon and Mars align overhead. Though you'll have the power to change hearts and minds, make sure to use your influence for positive change, avoiding mean-spirited or competitive messages. Money-making ideas will pop into your psyche when Mercury and Jupiter share a supportive connection, though you may require the help of others to bring these visions into reality. Find time for friendship and exploration later today when the sun and moon align with Chiron, supporting local business while bonding with loved ones over a meal or after-work libation.

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Daily Food Horoscope

Today will be dull and mundane, just the way you like it. As such, it'll also be relaxed and stress free. So enjoy the downtime while it last. You may even be able to enjoy your tuna hoagie lunch at your desk while watching YouTube videos and shopping on eBay.

Daily Home Horoscope

Be proactive when it comes to health matters. Eyebright, stinging nettles and Indian gooseberry are all natural treatments for allergies. Consult your health or natural care professional today and you will soon be sneezing less.

Daily Dog Horoscope

Friendship is the name of the game. Or is it? Today just being scary comes in handy. Whether it's you, another dog or even your owner, someone gets their fur up today.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

The unexpected is good -- it keeps you on your toes and keeps all the large muscle groups in good working order. So don't worry about what it might be or when it'll happen -- just enjoy it when it does.

Daily Cat Horoscope

You're so self-confident that others might think you're cocky -- but it's all part of the act. Your great energy can substitute when you're not sure of yourself, and you can pull off any feline stunt!

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Understanding life is critical today. Try to figure out why things are happening.