sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 15, 2021

April 15, 2021

As a Sagittarius, you look to the larger-than-life, big dreaming planet, Jupiter, for cosmic guidance. Thursday’s skies see Jupiter’s positive alignment with the life-giving sun, which significantly boosts moods, optimism, and energy levels. This planetary pairing provides new opportunities to step out into the limelight and share your creative gifts. Elsewhere, the chatty Gemini moon directs your attention towards interpersonal one-on-ones.

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Daily Love

Step into your power and open your heart, Sagittarius. The sun is glimmering through your pleasure-seeking fifth house of affection, infatuation, love, passion, and self-expression—energizing this area of your life (whether it be personally or in terms of a steamy connection). Meanwhile, Mars is heating things up in your relationship sector and simultaneously making a trine to your lucky planetary ruler, Jupiter. This cosmic configuration has everything to do with communication, especially for those of you connecting with someone who's at a distance from you. On another note, however, today's sun-Pluto square could challenge everything from your desire for affection to your sense of self-worth. Thankfully, you've done the work.

Daily Work

Dear Sagittarius, this is a powerful day for you in terms of communication. You have the vibrant Aries sun in your fifth house of self-expression and sending positive energy to expansive Jupiter in Aquarius in your communication sector. You also have the planet of peace and love, Venus, moving into your sixth house of work in its home sign of Taurus. This makes work more joyful and interaction with colleagues easy. Enjoy the benefic energy today and empower your connection with coworkers.

Daily Dating

Your friends have some good news for you, though they might not really know how to tell you. Get them to rally and just chill out. Everything should work out in time.

Daily Bonus

Can you feel the love? Your magnetic romantic energy is attracting admirers.