sagittarius Daily Horoscope for May 16, 2021

May 16, 2021

The universe has been pushing you to radically transform your approach to your natural talents, Sagittarius. It hasn’t been an easy process, as you’ve had to face significant self doubt along the way. You’ve been making some significant strides though, and Sunday’s skies reveal that, as the sun aligns with healing Pluto. Elsewhere, the soft Cancer moon’s meeting with hazy Neptune restores a peaceful atmosphere emotionally.

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Daily Love

Are they *really* worth your precious energy, Sagittarius? The moon continues to travel alongside red-hot Mars via your sultry eighth house of intimacy, mergers, energetic exchanges, and soulmate connections—heightening everything from your sexual libido to the desire to fully merge with another mind, body, and soul. Meanwhile, today's transformative trine between the sun in your sixth house of divine duties and smoldering Pluto via your stability-seeking second house of value systems presents you with a tremendous amount of drive and intensity. This will also shed light on the people, places, and things that aren't worthy of your energy.

Daily Work

Sagittarius, this is an optimal day to have important conversations, and discuss the details of a project with collaborators. Communication is flowing easily, and others are more receptive to your ideas. This is due to harmonious Venus forming a conjunction with the karmic North Node in your seventh house of work relationships. Use this time to sign new contracts, agree to work with others, and embrace the support you can receive from collaborations.

Daily Dating

You are in a bizarrely good mood, so much so that others are suspicious you're up to something! It's just your great energy forcing a smile, though, so relax and let it happen while you watch.

Daily Bonus

An unexpected adventure will boost your confidence. Be bold and explore further.