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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Tomorrow

June 21, 2024

Get organized on your path toward transformation, dearest Archer, as Mercury and Mars share a supportive aspect. Now is the time to clear away any obstacles or issues that have been getting in the way of personal growth. Just try not to let emotions cloud your progress when the moon and Neptune square off later today, bringing tension and haze to the table. You'll have a chance to ground and collect your thoughts once Luna enters Capricorn, though it may be necessary to draw lines with others. Outline new financial structures under tonight's full moon, taking a responsible approach toward prosperity.

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Daily Food Horoscope

You might not consider yourself a gambler, but you risk your health every day. Sodium, sugar and fats give your favorite fast food meals flavor -- and a whole lot of fats, sodium and cholesterol. So switch to a high fiber diet featuring lots of lentils, grapefruit, kale and oatmeal. It may be time to start scouring out those veins and arteries.

Daily Home Horoscope

You've already lost your keys and misplaced your sneakers, and now you have no idea what happened to the eggs between the store and your house. You're clearly distracted. Lie low at home and zone out with some cheesy movies. The eggs will turn up eventually!

Daily Dog Horoscope

You spend a lot of time on your own at home. Use the opportunity to finish a long project. Shred your owner's old sweater and use it to feather your nest, or finally find the secret passageway to the neighboring yard.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

Beware of sneaky salespeople today. A crazy purchase might sound good -- you could use a change of pace, right? But stay the course. Don't buy into any wild schemes just yet.

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You impress a visitor or stranger in a way that might earn you a new friend. It's a really good day for showing off and trying out stunts you would never even dream of on a regular day.

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You have many decisions to make, but they don't all deserve the same consideration.