scorpio Daily Horoscope for March 10, 2021

March 10, 2021 Tomorrow

As a Scorpio, you’re not always comfortable stepping out into the limelight. Yet, Wednesday’s skies gently nudge you closer to its inviting warmth. The life-giving sun merges with dream-maker Neptune today, bringing ethereal visions to creative projects while simultaneously delivering fantastical thinking about your romantic life. It’s an ideal day to drift and dream, but refrain from taking any major actions, as it's hard to see things clearly.

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Daily Love

Oh, Scorpio. What wouldn't you do for the right kind of lover? A dream come true, the sun and mystical Neptune will join forces via your romantic fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression today, adding an intriguing layer of elusiveness to everything from your amorous experiences to your lusty infatuations. And despite whether you're looking for love or already smitten with your cutie pie, there's no escaping the essence of this celestial daydream. The catch? You may or may not fall for the wrong candidate—or become so utterly infatuated that you're dealing with brain fog for the rest of the day.

Daily Work

Dear Scorpio, you have been focused on integral relationships in your career and now you can feel motivated to commit to what resonates with you. This is due to your ruling planet, Mars, in your relationship house and into the communicative sign of Gemini in your eighth house of finances. A conversation could turn contractual which is something you could have been waiting on for some time. Read the fine print, Scorpion.

Daily Dating

You're still trying to make sure you have things straight, and that might take all day. It's a good time to hang on to your receipts and otherwise make sure everything works out right.

Daily Bonus

Who knew there would be so many tempting options? Still, be decisive.