scorpio Daily Horoscope for July 25, 2021

July 25, 2021

Your mental environment is likely to be under some stress today, Scorpio. Messenger Mercury’s squabble with truth-revealing Pluto might bring important conversations into the mix, however unpleasant they initially seem. Luna’s opposition with irritable Mars highlights career tensions, but also offers an antidote. Rather than bottle up and explore, aim to devote your excess energy to sorting out career concerns.

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Daily Love

Your heart keeps telling you one thing, but then you become easily stressed wondering about the outcome. Sounds like a regular day for you, Scorpio. Although, despite your guarded demeanor, today's opposition between the moon in your fourth house of innermost feelings and your traditional planetary ruler, Mars, could easily trigger you to make a hasty decision—especially if you've been struggling to take control of a certain situation. To surrender or not to surrender, that is the question. Fortunately, Venus' transit through your eleventh house of friendship and sense of belonging encourages you to lean on your soul tribe for support. 

Daily Work

Of all the zodiac signs, you aren’t afraid of conflict, Scorpio. In fact, when it presents itself, you feel your energy swell as you know that you are in it to win no matter what. However, today’s astrology could bring a tremendous fight that you cannot conquer and, in fact, may prefer to avoid altogether. As Mercury, the planet of communication, violently clashes with Pluto, the planet of destruction, a battle of ideas is guaranteed. Above all, do not launch any publicity, advertising, social media, or branding campaigns today, as they could end up damaging your brand and business. Reception will not be positive and people could rally against your plans. 

Daily Dating

Don't rush into the next big thing. Scope it out carefully and cautiously for a while before deciding to sneak in the back way.

Daily Bonus

Handling others' money gives you a new perspective. Be cautious and conservative.