scorpio Daily Horoscope for May 16, 2021

May 16, 2021

Sunday’s skies offer a soothing antidote to yesterday’s unsettling emotional storms, Scorpio. The moon glides through sweet Cancer, providing you with a fresh perspective, while reaching out to dreamy Neptune. This aspect offers creative inspiration and the ability to tune out comfortably in a peaceful state. The sun’s harmonious trine with psychological Pluto makes it easier to digest any potent relationship conversations.

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Daily Love

Is it time for “the talk," Scorpio? Today's transformative trine between the sun in your committed seventh house of one-on-one relationships and smoldering planetary ruler, Pluto, via your chatty third house of communication, creates a powerful synergy that could potentially trigger a highly anticipated conversation. And with the moon lingering over your expansive ninth house of experience, philosophy, and unknown territory, a part of you could be longing for a new beginning. Sounds grim but your relationships are making it or breaking it. So, if something feels out of place or it’s unstable, perhaps this is your official sign from the cosmos to let it go.


Daily Work

Travel for work may be a theme of the day for many Scorpios. There is a lot of action occurring in your ninth house of international relations and long-distance travel. The Cancer moon is forming a connection with Mars, the planet of drive. It’s also activating otherworldly Jupiter in Pisces in your fifth house of creative projects. This can expand your experience, teach you something new in a major way.

Daily Dating

You're feeling pretty laid back today and have nothing against plans brought up by friends or co-workers, and you should totally go along with them! Sometimes you need to stumble into fun by accident.

Daily Bonus

Instead of being led by others, you follow your own philosophy. Others follow you.