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Scorpio Daily Horoscope Tomorrow

June 21, 2024

Mercury and Mars align to uplift the spirits and bring you grace, darling Scorpio, inspiring you to move from a place of love and faith. Use this energy to spread joy, filling your own heart with pleasure as you connect with your nearest and dearest. Be mindful of the present moment when the Sagittarius moon squares off with Neptune later this afternoon, as it would be easy to disconnect. You'll feel a shift once Luna migrates into Capricorn, peaking your curiosity. Use the energy from tonight's full moon to recommit to any personal studies or education goals you've been neglecting.

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Buying your boss a takeout lunch to placate their nasty mood could go in either direction today. At first they love the 40-clove garlic Szechuan chicken, but that rapidly reddening face cam mean that they're either flushed from the natural heat of the dish or really hot up at discovering how much extra hot sauce you put in there.

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Home should be your castle, your place to get away from the annoying aspects of life. But sadly, you won't find safe haven on the home front today -- not until you engage in some much-needed peacemaking with the family.

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