scorpio Daily Horoscope for May 8, 2021

May 8, 2021

Relationships have been an ongoing lesson for you in recent times, Scorpio. A few more lie in store today, as lover Venus squares off with lesson-teaching Jupiter. This is a positive connection despite its tensions, as it works to help you see what needs releasing. What is messing with your partnership? Venus dips into Gemini shortly after, where she’ll point her focus on healing from deeper relationship hang-ups until June 2.

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Daily Love

Your heart is telling you one thing, but your mind is too focused on another, Scorpio. And despite whether you're single or already attached, the decisions you're being challenged to make during this time are hardly effortless. If you're feeling tense or stressed out, it's probably thanks to today's moon-Chiron conjunction via your daily sixth house of mindset, work routines, and due diligence. The potential crossroads, however, could have something to do with today's square between Venus in your relationship sector, and Jupiter via your fourth house of inner foundations. Your expectations might not necessarily align with your current reality, so pay attention.


Daily Work

Dear Scorpion, this is a powerful day regarding money, contracts, and finances. The opportunity to ink a new deal related to your work can develop and set you in alignment. The planet ruling over contracts, Mercury, is activating the transiting North Node in Gemini in your eighth house of other people’s money. This could be a positive turn of events that allows you to feel more stability in your business life. You can continue to build from here.

Daily Dating

Someone's got power over you, and that always drives you insane. Sometimes, in romance, for instance, you don't mind quite so much, but this time it's getting on your nerves in a big way.

Daily Bonus

That push-and-pull is a little more tense than usual. Create a detente.