virgo Daily Horoscope for May 6, 2021

May 6, 2021

Make sure you know where you end and other people begin today, Virgo. It’s easy for boundaries to feel blurred, as the dreamy Pisces moon merges with reality-bending Neptune today. This pairing of energies makes for fantastical thinking, low energy levels, and rose-colored glasses on the relationship front. Let yourself lean into your craving for romance—you can benefit from a little escapism!

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Daily Love

You're the master of your own fate, but falling for someone is almost inevitable today, Virgo. The catch, however, is whether you've set the necessary boundaries in your current situationships. So, in addition to the moon lighting up your committed seventh house of significant others, it will merge with all-encompassing Neptune which, in turn, adds a layer of idealism to your one-on-one connections. You're innately preoccupied by your partner's emotional needs. Today's sultry trine between Venus in your adventurous ninth house and smoldering Pluto via your passionate fifth house, will definitely spice things up. So, dress to impress.

Daily Work

Virgo, the opportunity to publicly present or share your project with a larger audience may occur today. Public speaking can feel nerve-wracking, but this can present an opportunity to raise your profile in your field. You are being boosted by benefic Venus in Taurus in your higher messages sector as it forms a harmonious trine with transformative Pluto retrograde. Where have you held back on sharing your wisdom with others? You now have a moment to claim your authority.

Daily Dating

Embrace your social life in a new way. You have to make sure you're still feeling the love! It's time for you to gather your people and tell them what's going down tonight.

Daily Bonus

You mean a lot to you-know-who. Don't underestimate how much others care about you.