virgo Daily Horoscope for May 11, 2021

May 11, 2021

A powerful shift in your perception of life is on the way, Virgo. It may feel subtle now, but you’re beginning to see your life from a totally new vantage point. Today’s skies bring the arrival of the new moon in capable Taurus, prompting a brand-new story around how you envision your future. Sit with your vision today and don’t be shy about setting big intentions. This is also a prime opportunity for undertaking new educational ventures.

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Daily Love

You're liberating yourself from what no longer serves you, Virgo. Red-hot Mars governs your erotic eighth house of intimacy, transformation, energetic exchanges, and soulmate connections, and it's currently in harmony with rebellious Uranus via your expansive ninth house adventure, experience, and unknown territory. Whether you're single or taken, this fiery yet erratic synergy is here to help you break free of your inhibitions, especially if you've been experiencing fear in regards to taking a leap of faith. Mars is also clashing with the wounded healer, Chiron, via your erotic eighth house of intimacy, challenging you to step outside your comfort zone, and explore other options in the process.

Daily Work

Expect positive and powerful career changes at this time, dear Virgo. You can feel motivated by the new moon in Taurus to come out of your shell and share your beliefs in a more public way. Not only that, lucky Venus is moving through your tenth house of career, giving you relief, balance, and manifestation power. You could release a creative project or even start to teach others. The best way to navigate this time is to feel firm and strong in your skills and the knowledge you have.

Daily Dating

Today you run into something new (maybe a hot idea, maybe a hot person) that gets you thinking in a new way about what you really want to be doing with your life. It's pretty heavy stuff!

Daily Bonus

Hurry up and get with it, or something fantastic may just pass you by.