Virgo Daily Horoscope Yesterday

March 1, 2024

Count your blessings as the sun and Jupiter share a sweet exchange, dear Virgo, focusing specifically on the people and divine forces that lift you up. Check perfectionist behaviors when the Scorpio moon squares off with Venus, especially when offering feedback to peers. Luckily, you'll have a chance to grow closer with colleagues when Chiron stirs, helping you shake off any moments of tension that emerged earlier. Keep a pen and paper handy when Luna faces off with Uranus, filling your psyche with epiphanies that will quickly fade if not captured. Focus on romance and calming the mind when Neptune activates late tonight.

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Daily Food Horoscope

You may be reeling from a recently busted romance, so turn to friends for support. You can cry on their collective shoulders over a dinner at a sports pub. You'll laugh, you'll weep and you'll eat Buffalo wings and jambalaya as if they're going out of style.

Daily Home Horoscope

Striking design and blazing performance come with hefty price tags in sports cars and laptops. Know the long-term value before you make any financial decision today.

Daily Dog Horoscope

You don't mind changing your own routine; it's when your humans impose a new one on you that you get your fur up. Be open-minded. Try to analyze the changes themselves, not the source.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

An opportunity to ride in a two-person boat or take a short walk to an observation point will lead to a conversation so unguarded you could swear it was the start of a beautiful romance. Flirt like mad, you lucky thing.

Daily Cat Horoscope

Don't worry about your ego -- that's a human problem, not for you! If you want to dominate the world, you just need to put your mind to it and figure out where to get started. It may take all day.

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Things are well on their way to happening, and a surprise is coming along today.