virgo Daily Horoscope for May 7, 2021

May 7, 2021

You need some time away from the world today, Virgo. The moon dives into fiery Aries, directing your awareness towards any unspoken tensions taking place in the intimacy department. It’s an ideal day to confide in someone close to you, as you’re likely to need someone with a listening ear. Luna’s supportive connection with your ruler, Mercury, makes it an ideal day for important conversations concerning your career.

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Daily Love

Someone's ready to talk, and that could very well be you, Virgo. The moon slips into your erotic eighth house of intimacy and transformation today, highlighting everything from your smoldering passions to your energetic exchanges. And despite whether you're single or attached, you're likely looking for a deeper connection or an opportunity to fully merge with another mind, body, and soul. The good news is, Luna's charming sextile with your savvy planetary ruler, Mercury, will make it easier to express your truth and, more importantly, make sense of the situation at hand. The key is to keep an open mind.

Daily Work

Virgo, it’s a transformative time for you in relation to debts, finances, or managing investor relationships. You can come to a resolution, which can provide relief to some of the internal pressure you’ve experienced lately. The Aries moon in your eighth house of finances is forming a harmonious connection with stable Saturn in Aquarius in your sixth house of work. All the hard work and time you’ve put in is now paying off. Stay the course, Maiden, you are on the road to stability.

Daily Dating

You're dealing with an army of people with ridiculous demands and no patience, but you're a brick wall of resistance! You might still feel overwhelmed, but you can handle it if you want to.

Daily Bonus

It's a great day to get in front of friends and sing. Or dance. Just do something.