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It's a crazy busy month, but there's always time to get healthier and fitter. Insist on taking care...

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If the old routine is getting stale, now is a great time to sample a new class or try out a new...

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If you get restless, perhaps do your workout twice. If you're bored with it, that's different. A...

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Feel good about every minute you spend working out. It isn’t always easy to stick with it, sure,...

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What is your body telling you? Do more? Slow down? Eat different foods? Be better hydrated? You...

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Get out and romp in the sun more. Rigorous, structured workouts are great, but don't lose the...

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Feel good about everything you're doing to become healthier and fitter. It doesn't matter how much...

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Have no doubt that you can do it. If you're just beginning to exercise, you’re already pushing...

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If people are keeping you busy, you can still break away for your workout and personal prime time....

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You're all business, and you stand to make great progress this month in your pursuit of better...

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There's more energy available now than you may imagine. You don't have to go to the edge every...

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Let your instincts guide you. If you have an instructor or trainer you really trust, that's a big...

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Stellar Guidance

How Will Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Affect Me?

The planet of illusion stations retrograde in dreamy, empathetic Pisces on June 18, 2018, and stays there for a little over five months. Find out what this means for you with these horoscopes!

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