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cancer Horoscope

Month of Jul 2019: Own up, Cancer, we know you haven’t been to the gym. Yes, we’ve heard your excuses: You’re tired. The gym is too far away. You don’t know where your gym bag is. The Uranus semi-sextile with Chiron makes you confront your excuses and get to the real reason you’re ignoring your health. Use this time to reach small, manageable health goals like planning meals or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The small steps really can lead to big results.

You’ll have to ask yourself some tough questions when Chiron turns retrograde on the eighth. You’re a very giving person, and sometimes you ignore your health to take care of others. However, you need to focus on your physical and mental fitness if you really want to be there for your loved ones. Put yourself first for a change.

The sun entering Leo on July 22 seems like the perfect time for a spa day. You’ve been much too tense with all these retrogrades. A little “me” time will do wonders for your mental well-being. Thankfully, Mercury turns direct on the last day of the month. July is a healing month, getting you ready to reach your goals.

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