Month of Dec 2018: You may not be satisfied with how it's going, but keep working at it. A rest and recovery day here and there is part of the program. Show up and feel great, day by day.

Get up on December 1 and put on that yoga or aerobics routine. Start moving, and don't stop. You're doing fine, so don't question yourself when the sun squares Mars on the second. Keep up the step count.

Feel good and look great on December 3 when the moon conjoins Venus. Zumba, salsa, or hula? Respect your core strength.

Mercury goes direct on the sixth. Think gradual progress. The way to better health and fitness is not a sprint most of the time.

Swim or do water aerobics on December 13. Hot tub is appropriate, too. Warm water on a cold day, yes!

Play it safe but play when the sun squares Chiron on the nineteenth. Finish your holiday shopping for gifts and food on December 21 and December 22. This can be serious exercise, too. Your power days are Saturday and Sunday with the moon in Cancer.

Work out early on the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth. Now relax and celebrate a great year of better health and fitness! Next year can be even greater!

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