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Month of May 2019: Yikes! You’re holding in some serious tension. The first half of the month could be a stressful time for you since Mars is still in Gemini. All this tension and nervousness could lead to a breakdown if you’re not careful. It’s time to focus on your mental health and root out the source of your anxiety. It’s okay stop and rest.

Luckily, Mars enters your sign on May 15, causing you to relax a little, though some tension may linger. Instead of lifting weights or doing some intense cycling, be gentle with your body as you work out. Do some yoga or tai chi, or get a deep tissue massage. You want to practice something that works both your body and your mind.

However, the stress returns with a Pluto-Chiron quintile on the twenty-first, leaving you with an intense feeling of frustration. Can nothing go your way? You feel stalled, like your goals are just out of reach. Take a deep breath, Cancer. All is not lost. Living a healthier life doesn’t have a deadline. Just take it one day at a time. Meditation during this time can be beneficial for you this month.

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