June 2018: Feel good about every minute you spend working out. It isn’t always easy to stick with it, sure, but you can do it. And don't look back until you're finished. You're building stamina and strength. And you're earning every calorie you eat. These are happy, healthy, tasty times. Feel great and look even greater.

On June 1 and June 2, put on your favorite, most comfortable workout gear and have a lively run, walk, aerobics class, or chair yoga session. Yes, you can have a lively meditation session, too.

Focus on precision on the fifth. Do body pump or weights or walk. Keep it going!

Mercury enters Cancer on June 12. Plan your own healthy fast food and please your tummy. The next day is the new moon and the day Venus enters Leo. Move more in dance aerobics class and sweat your way to glory.

The fourteenth and fifteenth are your power days with the moon in Cancer. Is it hot tub time? Pamper your muscles and then your hair, skin, and nails.

The sun enters Cancer on Thursday, June 21. Is your swimsuit ready? Cap and goggles? Adequate sunscreen? Be good to yourself. Mars goes retrograde next Tuesday, but not you! Keep moving and keep going strong!

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