August 2018: Things are intense, but so are you. Stick to your routine, and don't let anything keep you from getting healthier and fitter. Take care of yourself and just keep at it. You know what you need to do to keep improving. Good food, proper rest, and persistence.

Do a great run or aerobics workout on August 1 without exhausting yourself. On the fourth and fifth, try a moderate hike, long walk, or bike ride. Drink more water and remember to wear sunscreen.

August 8 and August 9 are your power days with the moon in Cancer. Visit the farmers’ market or produce stands. Local tomatoes, lettuce, peaches, and melons, oh my! The sun conjoins Mercury on the eighth. Let your tummy be your guide.

Are the eleventh and twelfth, with the new moon and solar eclipse in Leo, a party weekend? Count those dance steps, too. Maybe shop for socks, tops, swimsuit, shampoo, or moisturizer on August 14. Mercury goes direct on the eighteenth. Get smarter about technique and simplify your workout schedule.

August 25 and August 26 may be a hot tub or spa weekend. Hike under the full moon and then soak muscles by moonlight. Mars goes direct on Monday. Be more active and healthy!

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