Month of Oct 2018: Get healthier and fitter and have more fun at the same time. Really. Is a new team sport calling you? Is it more time shooting hoops? Maybe it's just more chatting with people while you're all on the treadmills at the gym. Have fun, share your fun, and enjoy getting healthier.

October 1 and October 2 are your power days with the moon in Cancer. Start this month in high gear. Venus turns retrograde on the fifth. Look and feel better by working harder on your own. Don't burn out, but try to see if you can raise the bar a bit. You know your limits.

Team up on October 8 with the new moon in Libra. Perhaps have a post-workout snack with friends.

Be more energetic on the eighteenth when the moon conjoins Mars. Then relax and recover on October 20 or the next day with some well-earned time in the hot tub. Stock up on smoothie supplies and juices. Electrolytes matter. Consider more fresh salads and fruits, too.

When the sun enters Scorpio on the twenty-third, concentrate on basics like stamina and posture. Unless you're building bulk, do more low-impact exercises.

October 29 and October 30 are yet more power days with the moon in Cancer. Do your best and end the month strong!

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