June 2018: You're all business, and you stand to make great progress this month in your pursuit of better health and fitness. It's possible to be too serious and work too hard, so respect yourself and your limits.

Lighten up on June 1 - your power day with the moon in Capricorn - and have a cheerful run or workout with sunshine and maybe favorite music. Do it early, if you can, and brighten the whole day. Go with the flow on June 5, but be determined, too. No cheating on the pushups or burpies, okay?

Sunday, the tenth, is for a solid bike ride or run in the sun, with extra water and sunscreen. On the fifteenth, go for the treadmill or elliptical and do what you can at your own pace. The seventeenth is Father's Day. Exercise early and save the day and evening for family, friends, and healthy foods.

On June 21, the sun enters Cancer and summer starts. Drink more water, enjoy healthy grilled foods - corn on the cob - and keep up the electrolytes.

Mars turns retrograde on the twenty-sixth, but not you. Slow, steady progress is what it's all about. The next three days are your power days. Give it your best!

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