Month of Dec 2018: Health and fitness are serious concerns, but your exercise regimen doesn’t have to be grim and serious. Enjoy healthy food, sleep easily, and work with the body you have today. You're making great progress.

You can shatter a barrier on December 1 when the moon squares Saturn. Mercury goes direct on the sixth. Focus on basics like good posture and breathing.

December 8, December 9, and December 10 are your power days with the moon in Capricorn. Stick to your basic regimen and get stronger when the moon conjoins Saturn on Saturday, and be more intense when the moon conjoins Pluto on Sunday.

Swim or have a hot tub day on the thirteenth or fourteenth when the moon sextiles Saturn and the moon conjoins Neptune, then Mars.

Get more grounded on December 18 when the moon trines Saturn in earth signs. Run, walk, do aerobics, and be good to your ankles and knees.

The sun enters Capricorn on the twenty-first. Do the end of your holiday shopping and treat it like the exercise it is. Eat and drink - don't run on empty.

Work out early on December 24 and December 25, then relax and celebrate the gifts of better health and fitness. Have a great 2019!

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