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Month of Jan 2020: It’s 2020, and you’ve got a bold new vision for what you want your life to look like this year. Use Mars entering Sagittarius on January 3 to start toward a new wellness goal. If you put your mind to it, you can make it work! When the full moon is in Cancer on the tenth, try some workouts that you put off last year. They’ll make you feel great!

Your energy dips when Venus enters Pisces on the thirteenth. Start with a small, manageable goal until you get your energy back. Focus on your mental health. If you’re still not feeling energetic by January 16, look at your workout. Mercury enters Aquarius on that day, showing you how to tweak your routine to make it more fun.

Work stress creeps into your life when the sun enters Aquarius on the twentieth. Get a massage or go on a long walk to burn off some of the tension. If you’re still not feeling great by the time the new moon enters Aquarius on January 24, reach out for help. Sometimes just talking it out can make you feel better. As Ceres enters Aquarius on the thirty-first, try a kooky new wellness trend. It might work.

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