Month of Jul 2020: Is the summer heat putting your exercise goals on pause, Capricorn? If you’re lacking the motivation to work out, talk to a friend about it. Retrograde Saturn enters your sign on July 1, encouraging you to hold yourself accountable. What better way to do that than by having a fitness partner to keep you in check? If you have any questions, call a professional when the full moon is in your sign on the fourth. A nutritionist or doctor can give you the health answers you need.

The conference calls with your fitness buddy start to pay off when Mercury goes back into direct on July 12. You’re feeling great and your health is amazing. Plus, you’re helping your friend while keeping each other company. Keep it up by taking an online exercise class to increase bonding and health. Teamwork makes the dream work.

The best day to exercise will be when the new moon is in Cancer on the twentieth. You’re feeling good and ready to move your body. Plan a special workout that makes you happy, like dancing to your favorite songs. As the sun enters Leo on July 22, look back on your progress this month. You’re doing great!

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