August 2018: You can be intense about fitness without exhausting yourself. Have a strong attitude, be realistic, and don't give up.

Mercury and Mars are retrograde for a lot of August, but you can handle it. Have a strong run or workout on August 1 and set your pace for a powerful month. The moon trines Saturn on the third. Get more sun and fresh air over the next few days and pile up the step count. Stick to your schedule on August 9. Don't fret over appearances. Work hard and look glorious.

Mars enters Capricorn on the twelfth. Pour yourself into your run or swim and keep moving. The next day is even more powerful. Be smart, but do all that you can. Drink water. Do more steps.

Mercury goes retrograde on August 18. Get more fresh air and vitamin D on the weekend. Run on the beach, play volleyball, and eat healthful foods. The twenty-first and twenty-second are your power days with the moon in Capricorn. Body pump and sweat your way to happiness.

Mars goes direct on August 27. Be ready for a longer session or walk, or perhaps add another day a week. You know your limits. Feel good about your progress on the thirtieth. Onward!

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