October 2018: There are a lot of great suggestions and good advice out there to improve your health and fitness. Number one on the list is to simply keep going. Even a little bit each day is enough to keep the ball rolling. Keep your heart in it and make great progress now.

Get up and get out on October 1 for your run or walk. Or get into your workout gear and roll out the yoga mat. Good for you! Mercury squares Pluto the next day, and it might be hard to get to the gym, but you can have a strong session at home. Do more steps or skip rope. Move more.

Venus goes retrograde on October 5, but your enthusiasm for health won't diminish. A better shampoo or skin moisturizer can perk things up.

Mercury enters Scorpio on the ninth. Get more serious and smarter about your routine. And get some good diet or exercise advice on October 15 when Mercury conjoins Venus.

The moon-Mercury trine on the twentieth makes it easier to carpool or get into a group run, bike ride, or hike.

October 27 and October 28 are your power days with the moon in Gemini. End the month strong and frisky. You're doing great!

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