Monthly FitnessScope

Health and fitness could get a little high-tech this month. Is there a new gadget that you must have? Is there a newly engineered pair of shoes that could make a difference? The basics remain the same, so nothing new is just fine, too. Show up, put in the time, and you're golden.

February 1 could start out feeling hyper. You might have a smarter, steadier workout later in the day. It's your call, but don't skip.

Be energetic on the fourth and fifth, and maybe make a new friend on the track or at the pool. You're working hard.

Join a hiking or dance group on February 10 and have fun. Pamper yourself, too.

The thirteenth is Mardi Gras. Do your favorite run or a dance or yoga class and let the good times roll.

February 18 is especially good for water sports, including serious hot tub time. Indulge and soothe muscles, mind, and skin.

The twenty-third and twenty-fourth are power days with the Moon in Gemini. Do your best!

Be smart and find a way to excel when Mercury conjoins Neptune on February 25. You can do it!

Is the last day of the month a rest and recovery day? Okay. What great progress!

Grounding Elements - Meditation of the Moment


The moon conjoins Uranus early in the day today, bringing flashes of insight. Tune in with this exclusive meditation from Jessica Snow.

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