Month of Oct 2020: It’s time to keep track of your fitness activities, Gemini. You’ve been winging it so far, but when Venus enters Virgo on October 2, you need to get analytical about your health. Count your steps, your hours of sleep, and how often you work out. When Pluto goes back into direct on the fourth, you’ll have a good idea of what your goals should be.

As Mercury retrogrades on October 13, you have a new outlook on your fitness aspirations. Now get to work! If you’re stuck about where to begin, ask your friends for advice when the new moon is in Libra on the sixteenth. They are excellent resources on your fitness journey.

Be mindful of how you grocery shop when Vesta enters Virgo and the sun enters Scorpio on October 22. Just because the label says it’s healthy doesn’t mean it’s actually good for you or worth the high price. Do your research.

On the twenty-seventh, Venus enters Libra, making it tempting to set high targets, but you’ll need to keep things realistic or you’ll end up ghosting your goals. The blue moon in Taurus on Halloween shows you the results of your efforts. Keep up the ghoul work!

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