August 2018: If many things are competing for your attention, make sure that health tops the list. It doesn't take all that long to exercise a little every day. Rest and healthy eating are also part of the equation, and how much more time do they take? None. You have to eat and sleep anyway, right?

Mercury and Mars are retrograde most of the month, but that won't slow you down. Spring out of bed on August 1, suit up, and have a great run, walk, or aerobics workout. On the weekend of the fourth and fifth, join a team or sports club event and follow it with a social meal or snack.

August 6 and August 7 are your power days with the moon in Gemini. Do more steps and have more fun. On the eighth, go with your gut feeling and have a strong yoga or body pump session. The sun conjoins Mercury that day.

Mercury goes direct on August 18. Get better organized and have a full weekend of activity, sun, and fresh air. Get intense on the twenty-first and twenty-second. Focus on basics - posture, breathing, and balance. Your back, legs, and shoulders will thank you. Mars goes direct on August 27. Get energized and then pace yourself. Great!

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