Month of Dec 2018: Just get up, do it, and don't overthink it. Maybe don't think at all. Suit up, let the body do its thing, and feel fantastic afterward. Skip the hesitation, the discouragement, or the self-doubts. You're doing great just by showing up. Take that next step, big or little, toward better health and fitness.

Get serious right away on December 1 when Mercury retrograde enters Scorpio. Pace yourself and be strong.

Be more motivated and realistic on the fifth. Do what you can do, but do it well. More steps! Mercury goes direct the next day. It gets easier to get dressed, get out, and get going.

Workouts get more social as Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 12. Dance up a sweat with a smile the next day, too. Do a longer or extended yoga session on the sixteenth with the moon-Mercury trine.

The twentieth and twenty-first are your power days with the moon in Gemini. You're ready for the final sprint of getting ready for the holidays. Get gifts, groceries, and some great exercise. Mercury and Jupiter conjoin on Friday. Party time is for more dancing.

Work out early on December 24 and December 25. then be there to celebrate with friends and family. Healthy holidays!

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