Month of Sep 2018: Feel good about yourself and your efforts. No one achieves their goals overnight. No matter what your condition is when you start, you will see progress sooner than you think. Just persist. Start September 1 with a strong attitude. Have an energetic walk, run, or chair yoga session. If this is a long weekend for you, maybe go to the beach or a park. Summer is ending.

The fourth and fifth are your power days with the moon in Cancer. Claim your spot in the weight room or on the treadmill. Keep moving.

Get outside on September 8 and September 9 for fresh air and sunshine. Sunday is the new moon. Drink more water. Get back to basics - good posture and breathing.

On the twelfth, push yourself. If you've been pushing, have a good, long soak and thank your muscles. The weekend is big on social sports, club hikes, or party dancing at night. Count all those steps!

September 22 is the first day of autumn, with the moon in Pisces. Visit the farmers’ market for fruits and veggies for meals, salads, snacks, and juices. If the last day of the month is a low-key or rest day for you, mentally prepare for a strong tomorrow!

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