Month of Jan 2019: It's a shiny new year! Make the most of every day and get healthier and fitter one workout at a time. And it won't require a yoga retreat in Tahiti, unless that sounds good to you. Be steady, modest in your ambitions, and gradual in your progress.

Greet January 1 and get going. Do the treadmill at home or do the chair yoga video. The sun conjoins Saturn today. Have a great gym session on the fifth and try a new machine. There's a new moon and solar eclipse now.

The moon conjoins Neptune on January 10, so that could be a hot tub day. Respect your joints, muscles, and skin. The sun conjoins Pluto the next day and extra relaxation may be called for. Another hot tub day? Sure.

The nineteenth and twentieth are your power days with the moon in Cancer. Be good to your tummy, eat healthy snacks, and most importantly, eat enough to keep yourself well fueled. The full moon and lunar eclipse on Sunday assure that your head and heart are in it.

End the month strong and smart as the sun conjoins Mercury on January 29. Salsa or Zumba into the next month. You've got this!

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