Month of Aug 2020: Start August with a leg day when the full moon is in Aquarius on August 3. Tone up your legs and calves with some strengthening and cardio to keep you looking and feeling good. It wouldn’t hurt to work on your fine motor skills as well when Mercury enters Leo on the fourth. Balance is the key to everything, Cancer.

Venus gives you an extra boost of energy when it enters your sign on August 7. Celebrate by lifting some weights and showing off your strong muscles. While you’re doing strength training, practice some mental training when Vesta enters Leo on the eleventh. You need to focus your mind to reach your goals. If you can, spend the next day on the water during the Saturn-Chiron quintile. It’s your natural element.

Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help when Uranus turns retrograde on August 15. A personal trainer can help you reach your fitness goals. However, the new moon in Leo on the eighteenth makes exercising a challenge—and not a fun one. As the sun enters Virgo on August 22, be gentle with yourself. A nice bubble bath and some yoga will have you feeling good again.

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