July 2018: Be more active and get healthier day by day just by sticking to your daily routine. Exercise and healthy eating are more and more a part of your normal, everyday life. If you need a break or a rest and recovery day, it's yours. You'll get right back to it.

Get up on July 1 and don't think too much about it. Do your run, chair yoga, or aerobics and feel good about it. Swim, soak, and drink water on July 2 and July 3. Work out early on July 4, then enjoy the holiday food and fun.

Start a new dream exercise on the seventh or eighth. The sun trines Neptune on the eighth. Do aerobics or double your steps. The eleventh and twelfth are your power days with the moon in Cancer. Pamper your skin and hair and feel fresh and new for the new moon and eclipse on Thursday. How are your smoothie supplies?

Yoga, dance, and stretching are good for July 17. Get real on July 24 and do your best. Mercury retrograde starts the next day. Focus on stamina and strength. The full moon and eclipse are energy-packed on July 27. Drink more water and go for it!

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