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cancer Horoscope

Month of Sep 2019: Admit it, Cancer. You’re bored with your workout. Like really bored. Don't suffer through another day on the elliptical machine. Mars is in intelligent Virgo for the month, helping you come up with creative solutions to spice up your workout. Whether it’s trading the treadmill for a punching bag or taking your workout outside, change is good for you!

Still bored? It’s time to phone a friend. Mercury enters Libra on September 14, encouraging partnership. Ask a friend to join you for Pilates or take a dance class together. Getting fit with a buddy not only keeps you accountable, but it’s much more fun in the bargain. Don’t forget to take care of your emotions that day when the full moon is in Pisces. Take a long walk to clear your head.

The Jupiter-Neptune square zaps your energy on the twenty-first. It’s okay to skip your workout and take a much-needed nap rather than downing energy drinks. Get back to your regular routine two days later when the sun enters Libra and puts an extra spring in your step. Shake up your routine one more time this month on the twenty-eighth when the new moon is in Libra. You don’t want to be bored!

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