Month of Nov 2018: Get energized and more motivated. Now is the time to be more disciplined and determined. Every step, every lap, every minute spent stretching and moving moves you further down the path to better health and fitness. Feel good about it all.

Stretch, warm up, and have a relaxing workout on November 1, and get more ambitious tomorrow. Be inspired on the fifth with the sun-Neptune trine. Feel happier with each step. Then get more serious at the new moon on November 7. Soak up the music and pour your heart into that dance aerobics class. Keep moving.

The fifteenth could be for water sports, laps, water aerobics, and, of course, the hot tub. Mars enters Pisces now, and so does the moon in the evening. Venus goes direct and Mercury goes retrograde the next day. Stay organized and have more fun in the weight room. Yes, there.

There's a full moon on November 22, Thanksgiving Day. Exercise early and enjoy a healthy meal. The twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth are your power days, with the moon in Cancer. Shine! The sun conjoins Jupiter on Monday. Celebrate with a strong effort. Feel your strength and stamina increasing. Venus opposes Uranus on the month’s last day. Keep your yoga simple but strong. Yes!

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