Month of Nov 2018: Do nothing extra or special and see a great deal of progress. Steady effort, be it slow or fast, hard or light, is taking you forward. Better health and fitness are where it's at, and you already know it.

Get up and get moving on November 1, and then pick up the pace the next day, when the moon trines Saturn. Stick to your routine on the sixth as Uranus retrogrades out of Taurus and back into Aries. No excuses.

The eleventh and twelfth are your power days, with the moon in Capricorn. Use the moon-Pluto conjunction on Monday to get more intense. You don't have to do more, just do your regular workout with more intensity. What a strong feeling!

Venus goes direct and Mercury goes retrograde on November 16. Stretch more, move more smoothly, and be smarter about trying out new weights. Is the elliptical or treadmill calling you? Count those steps.

The sun enters Sagittarius on the twenty-second, Thanksgiving Day. Work out early and then enjoy a healthy meal. Be thankful for better health and fitness. On Sunday, the sun conjoins Jupiter and the moon opposes Saturn. Be more ambitious, but don't force any limits. You're gaining strength and stamina. Excellent!

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