Month of Sep 2018: When you put your mind to it, no one can keep up with you. However, a rest day or low-key workout has its benefits. You're definitely fixed on better health and fitness now. Be energized on September 1 and have a great run or workout. If it's a long weekend for you, go to the beach or the mountains to swim or hike. Enjoy the end of summer, including a healthy picnic or barbecue.

On the sixth, Saturn goes direct after being retrograde since April 17. Go slower but stronger. Progress will be long-lasting. On the twelfth, do more steps and feel better with the Venus-Saturn sextile.

September 17 and September 18 are power days for you with the moon in Capricorn. Don't overstress, but work hard. Do lighter weights and more reps.

Autumn begins on the twenty-second as the sun enters Libra. See what the farmers’ market has for seasonal fruits and veggies. Stock up for salads, smoothies, and snacks. Mercury squares Saturn on Sunday and you could find some bargains.

On September 25, the sun squares Saturn. Be strict but not harsh with yourself. Run or swim that extra lap if you can. The sun-Mars trine on Thursday helps you finish the month strong!

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