May 2018: You can get too serious or push too hard. Don't stop pushing yourself, but if something hurts, don't continue until you figure it out. You've got this.

Get up on May 1 determined to work a little harder. Why cheat yourself?

Do as much as you can on the fourth, when the moon conjoins Saturn. That day and the fifth are your power days with the moon in Capricorn. Do your best. Don't worry about how it looks.

Be adaptable on May 11. Is the treadmill or rowing machine open? Go there.

The thirteenth is Mother's Day, with Mercury entering Taurus. Exercise early, be a good example, and have the day for family and healthy food.

May 15 brings the new moon as Uranus enters Taurus. Try a new dance or yoga style. Nothing will throw you off your exercise routine.

Mercury trines Saturn on the eighteenth. Make wiser food choices and eat better.

On May 24, last-minute people problems could delay you, but you won't miss your run or gym session.

Get outside for Memorial Day weekend and celebrate summer. Ride the mountain bike or do a day hike in the hills.

May 31 is a power day, too. End the month strong!

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