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capricorn Horoscope

Month of Mar 2019: Mercury in retrograde is notorious for creating havoc, but March will be smooth sailing for you, Capricorn, even though Mercury is retrograde for most of the month. Venus in Aquarius will be there to help you achieve your fitness goals even if you don’t hit them in record time. Remember that slow and steady wins the race.

You’ll be bursting with energy at the start of the month thanks to energetic Uranus moving into fellow earth sign Taurus on March 6, where it will stay for the next seven years. This will give you the strength and bountiful energy to step up your workout routine. Who’s up for some cardio? Focus on your goals, stick with them, and good vibes will follow.

Unfortunately, the full moon in Libra on the spring equinox could create an atmosphere of stress that lasts for the rest of the month. You might be tempted to overindulge in order to cope with the stress, but don’t give in to cravings. That will only cause future tension and worsen your mood. Instead, channel your frustration into your workout and you’ll feel much better. Endorphins are the perfect cure for any stress you feel.

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