July 2018: Work hard but treat yourself well. Stay hydrated, sunscreened, and well fed with the best of the seasonal fresh produce. Keep up with those electrolytes and remember to rest. Get healthier and stronger day by day. Wake up determined on July 1 and have a great run or aerobics session at home. Do you go to the gym that early? Wow.

The Fourth of July could be beach time or hot tub or spa time. Enjoy the freedom gained by being healthy and fit. Enjoy the summer foods, too! You've got your feet on the ground on the seventh and eighth. Join a bike ride or hiking group for quality outdoor time. Drink more water.

It could be hard to get motivated on July 13. Do the elliptical or recumbent bike. Work those leg muscles. July 20 is more fun, and it’s easier to get going. Swim and stretch. Nice.

The twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth, and twenty-sixth are your power days with the moon in Capricorn. Get serious, but let work be play as well. Turn up the music and dance! Mercury turning retrograde on the twenty-fifth won't slow you down. The full moon and lunar eclipse on the twenty-seventh are great for a cooldown stroll with someone special.

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