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Month of Sep 2019: As a workaholic by nature, you’re used to a little stress, Capricorn, but inventory your physical, emotional, and mental health at the start of the month while most of the planets are still in rational Virgo. If you’ve been working too hard, a major self-care day is in order. However, you’ll need a more permanent solution than just a facial. The quincunx between Jupiter and the north node of the moon on September 10 encourages you to do some basic self-care, like actually getting enough sleep and drinking more water.

Mercury and Venus enter Libra on the fourteenth, helping you get back into your workout routine. Saturn turning direct on September 18 focuses you on your emotional health. Do some stress management exercises like deep breathing, stretching, and mindful meditation. These will help in every part of your life.

After all that stretching, it’s time to burn some energy! When the sun enters Libra on the twenty-third, you’ll be ready to kick some serious butt at the gym. Dance classes, kickboxing, maybe even a combination of both—just keep moving. Make a major healthy lifestyle change on September 28 when the new moon is in Libra. You’ll thank yourself later.

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