Month of Nov 2018: There's no end to the good times you can have when you're more active and stronger. There's no end to the ways to have fun while getting healthier, too. Do you want to change anything? Go ahead and make yourself happy.

Wake up ready for fun on November 1. Slip into your workout gear and get moving! Then do your own thing on Saturday the third, and maybe join a group or team on Sunday. Soccer or flag football, anyone?

The weekend of November 10 starts out fun but gets more serious. Bike or run, then do it again but more competitively. Venus goes direct and Mercury goes retrograde on the sixteenth, so slow down a bit and have an even better time being active.

On November 22, give thanks for better health and fitness and for yummy, nourishing food. Be good to your tummy. Friday and Saturday that week are your power days, with the moon in Gemini. If you’re concerned about calories, work hard and burn off a few more now. Do more steps or burpies.

On the twenty-seventh, dance more fiercely when the sun conjoins Mercury. Jupiter conjoins Mercury that day, too. Perhaps do a second workout or run. You're building up stamina and strength!

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