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Happy New Year! Don't overthink your health and fitness routine. Get your heart into it and don't lose that spirit. The emotional energy you put into your physical well-being matters every bit as much as the time you spend sweating in your workout clothes. Feel good about every single minute you spend working out, as well as the time you spend figuring out and getting the equipment and gear that you need.

Start January 1 in your best new outfit and ready to go. It can be aerobics, chair yoga, or a brisk run around the neighborhood.

Try something slightly new on the sixth, maybe belly dancing? January 9 could get complicated, so work out or run early, or take a good, long, decompressing walk at the end of the day. Now, that improves the mood!

Mercury conjoins Saturn on the twelfth. Go for slower but stronger. Do all those steps (and no cheating). On January 19, do the yoga class or video with extra grace and better balance.

Surprise yourself on the twenty-fourth and do everything perfectly. How many steps have you done so far? Drive carefully or take more care if walking or running on January 27. Be strong and safe. What a great month!

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