Month of Jun 2020: It’s swimsuit season, Gemini, and you want to look your best. Vesta enters Cancer on June 3, giving you the motivation to tackle your goals. However, you can’t do it alone. Ask for help from friends, a fitness coach, or dietitian when the lunar eclipse is in Sagittarius on the fifth. They’ll guide you in the right direction. Do what feels good regarding your fitness at the Uranus-Chiron semi-sextile on June 10. You’ll be hitting your goals with ease.

Mercury’s retrograde slows you down on the seventeenth, temporarily putting your goals out of reach. Meditate and learn from these experiences. Trust your gut when it comes to your health when the sun and the solar eclipse are in Cancer on June 20. You know your body best.

Do something different with your appearance, like coloring your hair or wearing a new style, when Neptune retrogrades on the twenty-second. It’s good for your mental health. Treat yourself to some new workout clothes and equipment to get motivated when Venus goes back into direct on June 24. You worked hard this month, so when Mars enters Aries on the twenty-seventh, reward yourself for your efforts. Start planning your next beach vacation.

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