Month of Sep 2018: It's okay to make a smaller effort if you do it with big feeling. The spirit and energy you pour into your exercise are every bit as important as the physical exertion. Make sure it's fun, too. Have a solid run or workout or a good stretch on September 1. The next two days are your power days with the moon in Gemini. If it's a long weekend for you, maybe go somewhere special and soak up extra sun and fresh air. The beach? The mountains?

Mercury enters Virgo on the fifth. Master those complicated dance steps. Put your Zumba on zoom. Moving more? Good. The weekend is great for nearby outdoor exercise. Shoot hoops in the driveway.

On September 15, accept that invitation to go folk dancing or contra dancing. Mercury trines Pluto now. Or maybe Sunday is party and dance night when Mercury sextiles Jupiter.

Follow your instincts on the twentieth with the sun-Mercury conjunction. Yoga or cardio workout? Mercury enters Libra the next day. Try that new body pump class.

On September 22, autumn begins. Remember the farmers' market for seasonal local fruits and veggies. The last two days of the month are more power days for you with the moon in Gemini. Keep moving!

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