Month of Jan 2019: Greet this new year with more enthusiasm than ever! There's a tradition that says what you do on New Year’s Day you’ll do all year long. Make sure you get up, get going, and take good care of your health and fitness. You will only improve.

The sun conjoins Saturn on January 1 and you’re ready. Do your run or treadmill with extra power and authority, or meditate and start the year extra strong inside.

The new moon and solar eclipse on the fifth keep you energized for a weekend of group sports and not as a couch potato. Is it a ski weekend?

Cozy up to the hot tub on January 11 when the moon is in Pisces and the sun conjoins Pluto. You're working hard. How's the step count?

The sun squares Uranus on the eighteenth, but you can push through any schedule change or obstacle in the way of your gym time. The sun enters Aquarius on Sunday. Join a new class and body pump with new friends. Find health-focused, like-minded people with today’s full moon and lunar eclipse.

January 21 and January 22 are your power days with the moon in Leo. Sweat, smile, and shine all month long!

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