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Month of Jun 2019: Last month’s stressed climate hasn’t melted away yet, Leo. Mars is still in Cancer, making you very tense. Take deep breaths. This won’t last forever. Go easy on yourself, and try not to get too upset about your slow progress. Take this time to relax and nurture your body by feeding it properly and tending to it. Don’t forget to give your mental health a little love, too.

Things pick up when Venus enters lighthearted Gemini on the eighth. Suddenly, you feel as giddy as a child on summer break. Nurture that inner child by doing fun things that also keep you active like going swimming, riding your bike, or roller skating. Who said fitness had to be boring?

You’ll see the fruits of your labor on June 17 when the full moon is in Sagittarius. While you might be a little annoyed that things aren’t quite how you envisioned them, a victory is still a victory. It’s time to celebrate and set new goals to tackle. This is all preparation for your success next month, starting with Mercury entering your sign on the twenty-sixth. Good things are coming!

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