Month of Nov 2018: Burnout is nobody's friend. You've got this. A break now and again is fine. Just don't quit. Start early on November 1 and have a glorious, fun workout or run. It's your power day, with the moon in Leo.

Soak any sore muscles and relax on Monday, the fifth, when the sun trines Neptune. Get serious on Wednesday, when the moon is new in Scorpio. Focus on posture and breathing. Make it aerobic and build stamina. Excellent!

Venus trines Mars on November 9. Get to the gym, admire and be admired. Working hard is so worth it. Feel happily intense for the sun-Pluto sextile on Sunday. Do more steps or laps.

On the sixteenth, Venus goes direct and Mercury goes retrograde. Pay more attention to yourself. A nice new shampoo or skin moisturizer can be fun.

The sun enters Sagittarius on November 22, Thanksgiving Day. Work out early and be thankful for all your progress. It's a lot. The sun conjoins Jupiter on Sunday. Raise the bar a bit if you can. You're getting stronger all the time.

The sun conjoins Mercury on the twenty-seventh. Don't overthink your yoga. Just do it. That day and Wednesday are your power days, with the moon in Leo. Keep shining!

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