July 2018: Make the most of summertime fun. Is it beach or pool time? Hike or bike in the shady hills. It's summer barbecue and picnic time, all healthy, fresh, and yummy. Ah, summer! Drink your cool juices or smoothies and feel virtuous, stronger, and fitter. You are! Be diligent and do your run or stretching on July 1.

The second, third, and fourth are your power days with the moon in Pisces. Swim, soak, hot tub it, and drink more water. On the fifth, the sun-Jupiter trine makes it easy to slow down, refuel, and feel yourself getting stronger. How many steps so far? Drink more water.

Imagine a stronger you when the sun trines Neptune on July 8. You're making this dream become real. Jupiter goes stationary direct two days later. Keep building strength and stamina. Eat enough and drink water. July 12 is the new moon and solar eclipse. Remove one annoying thing (a droopy sock?) and have a vastly improved workout.

Care less about looks and more about work at the Venus-Neptune opposition on the twenty-fourth. Mercury goes retrograde the next day, but not you. The last two days of the month are more power days. This time is for you!

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