May 2018: Be diligent and keep that dream alive of perfect and fitness. You are making it happen. You're getting more tuned in and harder to distract. Good for you!

Start May 1 as bright and early as you can with a strong run or aerobics warm-up.

Consider yoga or tai chi on the fourth.

May 5 is for social fun and games, including dancing into the night. The moon conjoins Pluto and then Mars today. You know you want to move!

If you’re stiff on the seventh or eighth, stretch and go easy but keep going.

May 10 is definitely swimming or hot tub time. The moon conjoins Neptune and trines Jupiter now. May 9 and May 10 are your power days with the moon in Pisces.

Walk, hike, or bike on the twelfth or thirteenth. Soak up some sun and vitamin D. Sunday is Mother's Day, with Mercury entering Taurus. Visit a garden, park, or aquarium.

Stock up on healthy snacks and salad stuff on May 18.

Memorial Day is the twenty-eighth. Get out all weekend if you can. Go to a new trailhead or beach.

Maybe take a long moonlit walk or run with a companion on May 29. Full moon happiness!

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