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Month of Sep 2019: As a natural empath, other people’s stress makes you extra stressed. You can usually cope, but the quincunx between Jupiter and the north node of the moon on September 10 gives you your own massive amount of stress, it’ll be difficult to get out of bed let alone be exposed to other people’s energies. It’s okay to take a break from working out to put your mental health first.

Let your intuition guide you on the fourteenth when the full moon is in your sign. Start cutting out all the toxic people from your life. Emotional vampires are the last thing you need a month before Halloween. With Mercury and Venus entering Libra on the same day, figure out the best way to handle emotional stress. Reiki? Breathing techniques? Try different options until you find the best fit.

When the sun enters Libra on September 23, stay alert to situations that may cause you emotional distress. Work out your frustration on the ole’ punching bag if your stress exercises don’t work. The full moon in Libra on the twenty-eighth is a great reminder that self-care comes first this month. Get plenty of sleep and eat something healthful. Your fitness goals can wait; your mental health can’t.

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