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Month of Apr 2019: You’ve made a promise to reach a certain goal or stick with a certain routine, and you have until the middle of April to do it. For the first two weeks, Mercury and Venus are in your sign, giving you the motivation to keep going. These planets also make you focus on generating some positive vibes, so take advantage of them while you can.

On April 16, Mercury enters high-energy Aries to cause some major tension. You may feel anxious and on edge during this time. Avoid caffeine and keep things chill with some yoga and meditation. You can also try burning off that excess energy by hitting it extra hard at the gym. Go for a long run or ride your exercise bike for more minutes. Just don’t go overboard, Pisces.

Aries may throw you off track, but remember to focus on your commitment to better health. Aries will try to tempt you into doing things that aren’t so great, so rely on the sun’s entry into Taurus on the twentieth to bring some stability back into your life and help you make a firm commitment to wellness during the chaos that Aries can cause.

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