July 2018: Go for all the summer fun and social sport that you like. People are eager for good times and better health. Soak up some vitamin D, protect your skin, stay hydrated, and get stronger and healthier without noticing it. Start July 1 in high spirits. Drink extra water, refuel, and blast through the day.

If the Fourth of July is a holiday for you, run or work out early and then celebrate the freedom that comes with good health - plus the great summer foods! Get ambitious the next day with the sun-Jupiter trine. Powerlifting or power walking? Keep moving!

Jupiter goes stationary direct on July 10. Get more intent and serious about your run or yoga routine. Start afresh with the new moon and eclipse on July 12. Revisit a yoga or dance style, perhaps with a new instructor. Is it Iyengar or hula? So long as it's for you. Drink more water.

On the fourteenth, you may demand too much of yourself. Be fair and reasonable and then do those laps. The sun enters Leo on the twenty-second. Working out is fun and sexy. Don't deny it. That day and the next are your power days with the moon in Sagittarius. Mercury turns retrograde on the twenty-fifth, but not you. Onward!

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