Month of Aug 2020: Keep pushing yourself when the full moon is in Aquarius on August 3. You are so close to reaching your fitness goal that you can almost taste it—just a little bit more! However, Mercury entering Leo on the fourth may tempt you into skipping your workout. Resist, Sagittarius!

Despite your desires, life gets in the way of fitness as you juggle multiple stressors when Venus enters Cancer on August 7. Put your goals on pause for now and focus on your well-being. As Vesta enters Leo on the eleventh, focus on your upper body strength. It may come in handy later.

Relaxation and meditation are key to your health and happiness when Uranus goes into retrograde on August 15, even though it may take some effort to actually relax. Keep chanting “serenity now” until you find your inner peace, even if you have to scream it.

The new moon in Leo brings back your energy and stamina on the eighteenth. You’re ready to reach your fitness goal with new vigor. By the time the sun enters Virgo on August 22, you’ll reach your goal. Congrats! Now take a much-needed nap.

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