Monthly FitnessScope

No obstacle is going to stop you or slow you down now. You may not even notice that it's there. So long as you're focused on safety and well-being, your current routine will move you ahead in your pursuit for better health and fitness.

Get into your workout gear on March 1 and don't waste a minute. You don't have to rush. Be steady and enjoy the run, the walk, or the aerobics routine. Move, move, move.

Jupiter goes retrograde on the eighth, but you don't have to slow down or back up. Feel more powerful on the inside.

March 7 through March 9 are your power days with the moon in Sagittarius. Move to the front of the dance class and sparkle.

On the thirteenth, try something you've always wanted to try. That new style of yoga qualifies. Be gentle if you need to, but be adventurous. If you need a day off on March 19, rest is part of the routine.

Spring begins on the twentieth. Check out the fresh fruits and veggies at the farmers’ market. Think smoothie and snack supplies.

Pamper your hair and skin on March 27. Be kind to any achy muscles, too. You're doing great work!

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