Month of Jan 2019: Your workout or run can be playtime and party time, all year long. Enjoy every minute of every exercise session. Enjoy every healthy meal. Enjoy a good night's sleep every night. Make the most of getting healthier and fitter.

Assert yourself on January 1 as the sun conjoins Saturn. It's time to work on you. Have a dynamite run or aerobics workout.

The second and third are your power days with the moon in Sagittarius. The moon-Jupiter conjunction on Thursday brings luck in the gym parking lot or in getting the elliptical that's in high demand.

Get practical on January 5 with the new moon and solar eclipse in Capricorn. More steps, more leg lifts, more crunches. Venus enters Sagittarius on the seventh. Flaunt that new yoga outfit or jazz leotard.

Don't get anxious on January 11 when the sun conjoins Pluto. Get in your groove and then maybe get in the hot tub.

Venus trines Mars on the eighteenth. Push yourself, do your best, and turn some heads. Venus conjoins Jupiter on January 22. Let your inner light shine and be admired for your hard work.

January 29, January 30, and January 31 are your power days with the moon in Sagittarius. Finish the month in style!

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