May 2018: Keep working hard and piling up those “ah ha” moments that keep you progressing and getting healthier. Sure, it's sometimes hard to drag yourself to the gym or outside for your run. Do it anyway. There is so much happiness when you can see improvement. You know that you're becoming better and better.

On May 1, put on your workout gear and go. If the evening is better, fine, but don't skip.

On the fifth, get serious about how much fun this is. The moon conjoins Pluto and then Mars today. Do a strong run or gym session.

On May 7, do the weight room and go for more reps. Mercury squares Pluto today.

Do your favorite thing on the eleventh - walk, skate, or Bikhram yoga. Sweat up a storm and then consider the hot tub. The sun trines Pluto today.

On May 19, remember nutrition and get to the farmers’ market. Think fresh, local, and unprocessed if you can.

You're ready to break a personal best when the sun trines Mars on the twenty-third.

May 26 and May 27 are your power days with the moon in Scorpio.

Memorial Day is the twenty-eighth. Explore a new trail or park and have a great weekend. Celebrate a dynamite month!

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