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Happy New Year! No matter how last year felt, you're ready to make this year absolutely great. Stay mentally organized, don't skip out unless there's a compelling reason (and sometimes a mental health day is a perfectly good reason), and value every little bit of progress.

Start January 1 full of energy. Suit up and do your run or walk with no hesitation or excuses. Pump more power into your workout on the sixth, when Mars and Jupiter are conjoined in Scorpio. Respect your physical limits, but aim for the sky emotionally.

Have a great workout on January 9, when the sun conjoins Pluto. The hardest part may be not burning out or being safety conscious. Be smart.

The ninth through eleventh are your power days with the moon in Scorpio. Make as much progress as you can. Push yourself. Maybe have a moderate workout or run on January 16. Work on reps, and drink more water. You're stressing your system and you deserve more rest and recovery.

The weekend of January 19 through January 21 could be hot tub and massage time. Maybe visit a new class with a new instructor or trainer on the twenty-fourth. Spin or do the elliptical on the last day of the month. Nice work!

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