Month of Nov 2018: his is a powerful time for you, so show up each day. No effort is too small now. You can benefit from proper attention to the tiniest setback. Take care of yourself and keep improving.

Get up on November 1 feeling strong and determined. Stretch and get moving right away. The sixth and seventh are your power days, with the moon in Scorpio. You're powerful now, especially with the new moon on Wednesday. Start a new exercise routine or class and see how you like it.

Make a new running buddy on November 9, when Venus trines Mars. Encourage one another. Mars enters Pisces on the fifteenth. Swim or happily soak. The muscles will thank you.

Venus goes direct and Mercury goes retrograde on November 16. Buckle down, maybe slow down, and work harder and smarter. Mars squares Jupiter on the nineteenth, but nothing will prevent you from working out. Spin away!

November 22 is Thanksgiving Day, when the sun enters Sagittarius and the moon trines Pluto. Do your run and be grateful for a more active, healthy life.

Body pump or do more steps, laps, burpies, or planks on the twenty-seventh. The sun and Jupiter conjoin Mercury and Mars sextiles Saturn. Be smart and strong!

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