Month of Jan 2019: This year, take better care of yourself, look better, and feel better. What progress you make gradually is more likely to last. Get stronger and healthier bit by bit, day by day.

Get a firm grip on January 1 when the sun conjoins Saturn. Have a strong basic run or aerobics workout, or do an extended stretch session. This is a power day with the moon in Scorpio. The moon-Mars trine on the second will keep you going.

The new moon and solar eclipse on January 5 encourage sensible, hard work. Build stamina and core muscle strength. More steps. More push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees if it's in your reach. Your abs say thank you.

Get intense but don't go crazy on the eleventh when the sun conjoins Pluto. Remember, there's a hot tub reward for a job well done.

Be more relaxed and playful on January 18 when Venus trines Mars. Try a new yoga style.

On the twentieth, the sun enters Aquarius and there's a full moon and lunar eclipse. Body pump or try a new machine and know you're not alone.

January 27 and January 28 are your power days with the moon in Scorpio. You're rockin' it day by day!

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