Month of Sep 2018: Feel good about all the time you put into exercising and eating wisely. There are always excuses and doubts, but not for you. So long as you're being smart and not overdoing things, you can have fun and make a ton of progress now. On September 1, seize the day and have a powerful run or indoor workout, stretch, yoga, or aerobics. The moon trines Pluto today. If it's a long weekend for you, go to the beach or a favorite hiking trail and celebrate the great outdoors.

Venus squares Mars on the eighth, and you're in the mood to push the envelope. Respect any physical limits. Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday, which is also the new moon. Look and feel healthier and more attractive. You are.

Mars enters Aquarius on September 10. Don't get emotional. Get determined. Wednesday and Thursday are your power days with the moon is in Scorpio. Don't skip. Do your best.

Mars squares Uranus on the eighteenth. No workout or diet fads for you. Mercury trines Mars on Sunday. Find great, healthy bargains at the farmers’ market. Autumn is here.

The sun trines Mars on September 27. Pour extra energy into your weights or elliptical session. End the month blazing!

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