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Month of Mar 2019: Mercury in retrograde will hit “pause” on your social life, so focus on your own health and wellness this month. Use Venus in Aquarius from March 1 to March 26 to your advantage by strengthening your body and mind. This is the month for weight lifting, increasing the speed on the exercise machine, and really going that extra mile. Start building yourself up again.

A major change will be on the sixth when Uranus moves into Taurus, where it will stay for the next seven years. While the effects of this planetary shift won’t hit you yet, be prepared for some significant changes in the months and years ahead. Talk to your doctor and do some research on different exercises and dietary plans. This is also a great month to spend more time outdoors and get moving.

By the end of the month, with Mars moving into Gemini and Venus into Pisces, you could find that your energy starts to deflate. Your stubborn pride may tell you to keep going, but this shift in energy is your body’s way of telling you it’s time to rest. Fitness isn’t always about exercise and movement. It’s also knowing when to rest and recharge.

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