Monthly FitnessScope

What is the best way to take care of yourself? Ultimately, you know best. Put your improved health and fitness at the top of your priority list and don't cheat yourself out of a single minute. You can make great progress this month. Don't let the world's minor demands become a distraction.

Settle down on February 1 and have a strong, steady workout or run.

Be persistent and have more fun on the third and fourth. Consider group sports, club hikes, or dance parties.

Shatter a personal best without even trying on February 8. Is it distance, speed, or step count? Who cares? You're doing great!

The tenth and eleventh are for serious hard work. Be determined, and then reward yourself with healthy snacks.

Work on core strength on February 15. Pushups, planks, and burpees are all great. Or stretch more and do more steps. You've got this.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction on the seventeenth encourages you to be less rigid and more relaxed and instinctive. Put on the gloves and hit the bag.

Do your dream workout early on February 21 and have a great meal later.

The last two days of the month, with the Moon in Leo, are your power days. What a powerful month!

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