August 2018: Have more fun and get healthier and fitter faster than ever. Seriousness can keep you going, but a touch of silliness helps, too. Workout time is play time and sometimes social time. Mercury and Mars are both retrograde as August starts, but you're ready.

On August 1, do your aerobics or yoga workout first thing. If you run or walk, drink extra water beforehand. Claim more elbow room on the sixth. Run or walk or ride your bike or skateboard. Drink more water, right? On August 8, what's more fun? Treadmill, elliptical, recumbent bike? Do that.

The tenth and eleventh are your power days with the moon in Leo. Try a new jogging route or a totally new sport under the new moon and solar eclipse on August 11. Tai chi, anyone?

On the seventeenth, get to the gym early for a better stretch and warm-up. Muscles and lungs will thank you. Mercury goes direct the next day. Ramp up the step count gradually. The sun enters Virgo on August 22. Nail down your schedule and workout routine.

The full moon in Pisces suggests hot tub time on the twenty-sixth. Mars goes direct the next day. Get more motivated. You're strong stuff!

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