Month of Dec 2018: You've got passion, you've got energy, and you've got what it takes to keep going. Feelings may sag every so often, but take those fluctuations in stride. Today's best may be a bit less than yesterday's best. Do your best every day and have no regrets.

Do the smart thing on December 1 and run or work out first thing. If you’re uncertain how to improve your exercise on the second, stick with your routine and revamp it later. The sun squares Mars now.

Keep it real - and realistic - on December 5. The sun squares Neptune. Mercury goes direct the next day. Push harder for faster progress some other time. Think gradual progress.

Work some personal fitness magic on the fourteenth when the moon conjoins Neptune, then Mars. Show up and then be amazed at all those steps. Remember to stretch, and maybe soak. Ahhh!

Try a new yoga style or dance class when the sun trines Uranus on December 20. Finish holiday gift and food shopping on Friday and Saturday. Now that is exercise! The sun enters Capricorn on Friday, and you mean business.

Work out early on the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth, your power days with the moon in Leo. Enjoy a well-earned happy, healthy holiday!

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