Month of Oct 2018: See more results from sticking to your workout routine, or are you just thinking about starting? This is a great time. Few things feel better than deciding to take care of yourself and then doing it. Be more proactive about your own health and fitness - and be glad every day.

Work out and get organized on October 1. List the healthy foods and snacks you need. Morale-building comfort foods matter, too.

The fourth and fifth are your power days with the moon in Leo, so do your best. Venus goes retrograde on the fifth. Pick out your old favorite workout clothes and be more comfortable. Sweat and be happy.

Join a new class or running club on October 8 under the new moon in Libra. The sun sextiles Pluto on the eleventh, but nothing will stop you from doing your swim or workout.

Get a burst of energy on October 16 when the moon conjoins Mars. Is the hot tub calling you on the nineteenth? Go.

On October 23, the sun enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus. Get serious about the basics. Maybe replace or update your shoes, yoga pants, or swimsuit?

October 31 is also a power day for you. Work hard and earn those Halloween treats!

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