Monthly FitnessScope

You're focused on better health and fitness. Do you need anything to make it easier and more comfortable? Better shoes? A different skin moisturizer? Sports cream? Get it. You deserve it.

Greet May 1 with a vigorous run or workout, then greet the day with extra energy.

Respect your limits on the fourth, but don't skip. How many steps today?

The fifth is intense, with the moon conjoining Pluto and then Mars. Have a strong run or bike ride - staying safe, of course. Then dance through the night. It's Cinco de Mayo!

May 10 is for swimming or extra hot tub time. Is it time for new goggles or cap?

The weekend of the thirteenth (Mother's Day) is for more outdoor activities. Soak up the sun and enjoy running, biking, inline skating - or even gardening.

May 18 and May 19 are your power days with the moon in Cancer, and Venus enters Cancer on Saturday. Upgrade your moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm. Looking good!

If the twenty-fourth gets complicated, you'll still do your workout.

Memorial Day is May 28. Welcome summer with a day hike or volleyball game followed by a cookout.

The full moon on the twenty-ninth could be for an evening walk with a companion. All right!

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