Monthly FitnessScope

You may feel like a heavy-hitter now, and that's great, but you don't need to push yourself over the cliff. Be strong and steady, like you always are, and be amazed later at how much progress you've made. Getting healthier and fitter isn’t a short-term goal, and you know it better than most.

Start fresh on March 1 and have an easy time doing a hard workout. You don't need to shift into high gear. You could encounter resistance on the third, but you won't cave. Get outside and go.

The afternoon or evening of March 10 could be your most productive time. Maybe take extra steps or laps. The tenth through twelfth are your power days with the moon in Capricorn. Be good to your knees and ankles.

You may not feel great on March 13, but once you get started you'll feel better than fine. Use your best judgment about how hard to push.

The seventeenth is St. Patrick's Day. Celebrate after you work out. Mars enters Capricorn today. No one will be able to outlast you.

Mercury turns retrograde on March 22. Set your own pace. Challenge yourself on the twenty-eighth, but respect your limits. You've got this month!

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