Monthly FitnessScope

This is the time to get better connected with your ambition to be healthier and fitter. Instructors want to see you advance and excel. The work may be all yours, but the goal is shared by a lot of people. You're being a good example for one another just by showing up.

Start early on March 1 if you can. Do the run or the chair yoga routine. Get outside on the fourth and have a great run, walk, bike ride, or hike.

On March 5, get competitive with yourself! Pile on those extra steps. The weekend of the tenth and eleventh could get complicated, but you're ready. Flex those ankles and stretch those legs. Good! If daylight savings time starts for you this weekend, get enough sleep, okay?

Get ambitious on March 17, maybe in a team sport. Softball? Soccer? Spring is springing on the twentieth. Visit a farmers’ market or produce stand.

Mercury goes retrograde on March 22. Take your time and get the dance routine right the first time. The twenty-second and twenty-third are your power days with the moon in Gemini. Sweat and have fun.

The last day of the month has a full moon and maybe an evening workout or dance date. Yes!

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