July 2018: Play on a new team. Join the fun run or walk. Are you a lone wolf exerciser? Smile and wave as the pack goes by and encourage one another. More people than ever want to get more active and healthier. Good for us all!

Pounce on July 1 early and have a great run, walk, or aerobics session. Drink water. On July 5, do weights or the elliptical with extra care. Mercury opposes Mars today.

Get stubborn on the weekend of the seventh and eighth, but don't risk blisters or sunburn. Use sunscreen and drink more water. The ninth and tenth are your power days with the moon in Gemini. Get playful. Shoot hoops or play volleyball.

Join a group run or bike ride on the weekend of July 14 and July 15. Position yourself well and lead the pack! Simplify your routine on July 16. Maybe power walk more and increase that step count.

Mercury goes retrograde on the twenty-fifth, but you're in the mood to work and nothing will stop you. Pump those weights! Drink more water. Yes, more. Not too much, just more. Get energetic on the twenty-seventh when the moon conjoins Mars and then becomes full, complete with a lunar eclipse. An evening run or walk could turn romantic.

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