Month of Mar 2019: This is your time to shine, Pisces, with Neptune, Mercury, the sun, the new moon, and Venus all in your house at different times in the month. March is the perfect time to focus on your mental fitness rather than your physical fitness. Open your mind to new possibilities and drink from your emotional inner well. This is the month to practice meditation, try music or light therapy, or sign up for a Reiki session. You want to use this time to rebalance and rest.

The new moon enters your house on March 6, boosting your inner flow of creativity and natural rhythm. This is an excellent time to sign up for a dance class and really let your creative energy out. Your thoughts are practically overflowing, and dancing is a wonderful way to express yourself while staying physically active in your own unique way.

On the twenty-sixth, loving Venus enters your house to bring gentle energy into your life. This is a reminder to be kind to yourself. Dedicate the rest of the month to self-care. Take a nice, long bubble bath or head to the spa. Above all, be devoted to yourself.

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