September 2018: ou know your condition, your capabilities, and your limitations. Respect your body. You're making improvements here and there. Don't get too critical. On September 1, greet the day with a strong run, walk, or aerobics workout. If this is a long holiday weekend for you, go somewhere special and lovely like the beach or the mountains, relax, and actively enjoy the end of summer.

The moon-Neptune trine makes the fifth a great hot tub day. On Friday, the sun-Neptune opposition helps you make changes. Weed out a routine that isn't working and replace it with something more practical. Keep moving and count those steps.

On September 13, make real progress in the weight room or on the treadmill. Mercury opposes Neptune and the moon conjoins Jupiter now. Get outside on the weekend for a brisk run, bike ride, or hike.

The twenty-second and twenty-third are power days for you with the moon in Pisces. The sun enters Libra on Saturday, beginning autumn. Get juicy seasonal fruits at the farmers’ market. The moon conjoins Neptune on Sunday. Is it a hot tub or pool party weekend? Get your steps in, too.

The moon squares Neptune on the last day of the month. Feel strong and smart!

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