Monthly FitnessScope

Take advantage of everything in your favor and make great progress. Being healthy and fit is not a short-term goal and you know it. You've got the dedication, and there's no better use for your time.

Hit the start button on March 1 and do your run or walk early, if possible. Now breakfast! Visualize being a winner on the fourth. You already are. Keep the workout real, however, and don't risk any minor setbacks.

Work out early on March 8, if you can. Jupiter goes retrograde today, but this will only make you stronger and more persistent. The thirteenth is also a strong day. Spend more time with the weights or on the elliptical.

March 15 and March 16 are your power days with the moon in Pisces. Swim or enjoy the hot tub. Your muscles will thank you.

The seventeenth, St. Patrick's Day, has the new moon in Pisces. Feel the burn or do more steps. If partying, dance the dance!

March 20 is the start of spring. See what the farmers’ market or produce stands have for better, fresher smoothies, snacks, and meals. The twenty-fifth is for cooking and eating better.

On March 29, take stock and see how far you've come. Now keep going!

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