Month of Oct 2020: October for you begins with an eerie stillness with the full moon in Aries on October 1 and Venus entering Virgo the next day. However, this quiet isn’t a bad thing. Use this silence to your advantage and put it into your workout. Start practicing meditation or taking long walks. The stillness is healing.

As Pluto goes into direct on the fourth, focus on gaining strength by building and toning muscles. But as Mercury goes into retrograde on October 13, it’s time to get your cardio on! Run those laps, dance it out, keep on spinning—whatever it takes to keep your body moving. Then get creative when the new moon is in Libra on the sixteenth. Energy healing? You’ll give it a shot!

Figure out what your body needs in order to be in peak condition as Vesta enters Virgo and the sun enters Scorpio on October 22. Need more fiber? protein? candy corn? Try to find a balance that lets you have all three. Explore some new recipes that are both healthy and tasty when Venus enters Libra and Mercury retrogrades into Libra on the twenty-seventh. On Halloween night, the blue moon in Taurus provides a reward for all your effort this month.

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