August 2018: Feel good about taking good care of yourself. That includes eating well, sleeping well, and pampering your body when it needs it.

Mercury and Mars are retrograde when August starts, but that won't last. Meet August 1 head-on with a strong run, walk, or yoga session. Stretching is good. Now let the day begin! The moon-Jupiter opposition on the fourth starts the weekend. Have a pleasant hike, swim, or walk on the beach. Remember water and sunscreen. Are your shoes comfy? Walking barefoot on sand strengthens feet and toes. Do more steps wherever you are!

August 8 is busy. Work out anyway. Eat properly, too. Now sleep well. On the twelfth, have more fun, work harder and sweat more. Is it hot tub time? Could be.

The moon conjoins Jupiter on August 17. If you feel like doing more, do it. Mercury goes direct on August 18. Clear your head with more fresh air and sunshine. Maybe go out later and dance the night away. Count those dancing steps.

On the twenty-second, consider body pump or weights. Or hit the bag. August 26 and August 27 are your power days with the moon in Pisces. Earn another hot tub day. Mars goes direct on the twenty-seventh. This workout time is for you!

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