Month of Feb 2019: Okay, so your New Year’s resolution about breaking those bad habits hasn’t quite worked out the way you planned. You may have already thrown in the towel. But don’t give up, Pisces. It’s never too late! January might have been a bust, but as the new moon enters Aquarius on February 4, you’ll find new inspiration to keep going. You got this! With Mercury and the sun in your house, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. You have the power of the planets on your side. Make quitting harder by getting friends to join you.

Your resolve will grow stronger when Mars enters Taurus on the fourteenth. There’s no goal you can’t reach when willful Mars meets determined Taurus. Once you start exercising more, you’ll feel stronger and years younger. Stay on track and you’ll be healthier in no time.

End the month right by enjoying some self-care with your friends. Host a spa night and just chill and bask in the love. You’re normally up for a quiet night in, but the sun in your house will make you very popular. Enjoy it because you deserve it!

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