Month of Dec 2018: Don't look back or too far forward. Keep your goal modest and realistic and keep showing up. Later, you'll be amazed at how far you've come and how much healthier and fitter you are. Keep going, eat well, sleep well, and be good to your body. You're getting it done.

Enjoy your run or workout on December 1 when the moon sextiles Jupiter. Warm up, stretch, and hydrate. On the sixth, the moon conjoins Jupiter, and Mercury turns direct. Have a solid yoga session now and push harder tomorrow. You're glowing with health.

On December 7, Mars conjoins Neptune. Have a magical meditation and feel powerful all day long. You can break through to a new level now. Respect any limitations, okay?

On the fourteenth, the moon conjoins Neptune, then Mars. Have a strong workout, then consider some hot tub time. Stay loose on December 19 and stretch more. The muscles say thank you.

Finish your holiday shopping on December 21 as the sun enters Capricorn. No holiday stress for you. Count all steps and eat and drink properly.

Work out early on the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth, then relax and have a healthy, happy, wonderful holiday. You're doing great. Next year can be even greater.

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