June 2018: Let your instincts guide you. If you have an instructor or trainer you really trust, that's a big plus. Work hard, notice how you feel, and keep it all about you.

Be energized on June 1. Wear your favorite workout gear and run or do your favorite aerobics or yoga video. Be inspired by your workout the next day. Sing while you dance. Soak up the sun and fresh air while you run or walk.

The fifth and sixth are your power days with the moon in Pisces. On the sixth, Mercury squares Neptune, and then the sun does the same. Don't let indecision stop you from working out. Be disciplined and show up. The weight room or yoga studio is waiting for you. Then maybe a hot tub.

On June 12, shop for fresh fruits and veggies, healthy beans, nuts, meats, and fish. Shop local, if possible. Mercury enters Cancer today. Neptune goes retrograde on June 18. Resistance and excuses lessen. Do it!

Summer begins on the twenty-first. Have a great run, walk, or bike ride. Remember to take water and sunscreen. Mars goes retrograde on the twenty-sixth. Buckle down and keep going. Work on posture and core strength. Your head and heart are into better health and fitness!

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