August 2018: Get more active or stay as active as you already are and see improvement in your health and fitness. It might seem slow, but it's happening. Be passionate about learning how to take better care of yourself.

Mercury and Mars are retrograde most of the month, but that won't stop you. Have a strong run or aerobics workout on August 1, and don't look back. On the sixth, you may not get your first choice of treadmill or elliptical machine, but don't walk away. Maybe visit the weight room and then come back. Be persistent on August 10, too. Don't skip. Keep moving.

The seventeenth is easier. You might even get a gym parking spot at the last minute. Make sure you show up. The moon conjoins Jupiter that day. Mercury goes direct the next day. Have a social, snag-free weekend. Go hiking and enjoy a getaway. August 18 and August 19 are your power days with the moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter trines Neptune on the nineteenth, too. Visualize the ideal you and keep working toward it.

The sun enters Virgo on August 22. Respect all aspects of your health, including diet. Make your farmers’ market shopping list. Mars goes direct on the twenty-seventh. Raise the bar!

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