Month of Dec 2018: Now's the time to work harder and be happier about it. Train for that marathon or body-building event. Or do one more walk around the block. Rest, recover, and repair from a limitation. It's all good.

Have a bright, early run, walk, or workout on December 1 when the moon sextiles Jupiter. Now have a sparkling day!

The sixth and seventh are your power days with the moon in Sagittarius. Mercury goes direct on Thursday, too, so it might be easier to carpool to the gym or share some healthy tips with workout buddies over a snack. The moon conjoins Jupiter now, too. Be the star in the dance class. Zumba or salsa away!

On December 12, Mercury enters Sagittarius. Fix some minor annoyances to improve your workout. New socks or shoes? An easier hairstyle? It all helps.

The moon-Jupiter trine on the sixteenth makes it easy to push hard. More steps! Wind up your holiday shopping on December 21 as the sun leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. So many steps, plus those packages. Pace yourself and remember to eat.

Exercise early on the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth, maybe yoga, then spread the joy of holiday health and fitness. Now go rock 2019!

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