August 2018: Are you in a tug of war between what you need to do and what you want to do? Maybe it's between what you should do and what the world expects you to do? It's all secondary stuff compared to simply getting healthier and fitter. Just stay with your program.

Mercury and Mars are both retrograde in August, but that won't discourage you. Do your workout or run early on August 1 and feel upbeat all day. Get extra sun and fresh air on the weekend of the fourth and fifth. Have extra fun on Sunday and play on a team. Volleyball or softball, anyone? On August 7, do what is most fun. Yoga? Tai chi? Belly dancing? Keep moving.

Mars enters Capricorn on August 12. Get back to basics with good breathing and posture. The sixteenth and seventeenth are your power days with the moon in Scorpio. Feel intense even if it's a mild or rest day. Mercury goes direct on August 18 and scheduling gets smoother. Carpool to a favorite hiking or bike trail.

The twenty-third is for body pump, a more strenuous workout, or a longer walk. Respect your limits. Mars goes direct on August 27. Motivation increases. You're such a winner!

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