October 2018: Getting healthier and fitter is at the top of your to-do list. It's there because you have your heart set on it. What is more gratifying? Nothing. Just keep getting better. Get up and get out on October 1. Move and keep moving.

The second could get complicated, so keep your workout simple. Do the yoga class or turn up the music on the video at home. Venus goes retrograde on October 5. Follow your schedule or running route. Play around later.

On October 9, Mercury enters Scorpio. Get more serious about basics and make great progress. Warm up, cool down, and soak afterward.

Challenge yourself and don't doubt your progress on the tenth with the Venus-Mars square. The tenth and eleventh are your power days with the moon in Scorpio. Be strong! Maybe see a breakthrough on the eleventh with the sun-Pluto square. Push yourself, if appropriate, but respect your limits.

Get energized on October 18 when the moon conjoins Mars. Do more reps or more laps.

On the twenty-fifth, you can work through any small annoyance. Keep athletic tape and sports cream handy. You probably won't need them.

The moon opposes Pluto on October 30. You're tough. Work through fatigue, rest and recover, and rock it!

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