Monthly FitnessScope

You don't have to instantly make a huge effort. Little by little, bit by bit, and you'll advance farther and faster than you may dream possible. Share your enthusiasm and keep at it. Go ahead and inspire someone else. We all want to be fitter and healthier.

Happy Easter and April Fool’s Day on April 1! Do your run or cardio early and burn those calories. Treats await.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction is on the second. Be pragmatic as well as passionate in your workout. Be safety conscious, too. The second and third are power days with the moon in Scorpio. Move, and move more!

April 10, with the sun-Pluto square, is even more intense. Have a flexible schedule but get in some exercise. Skip rope at home if you must. Respect your knees and ankles.

On the fourteenth and fifteenth, get serious about group exercise and fun. Maybe a charity bike ride or fun run. Mercury goes direct on Sunday. Get out for the fresh air.

Pluto goes retrograde on April 22, but not you. You're on the fast track forward. More steps!

The twenty-sixth is the Mars-Pluto conjunction. Don't argue with yourself. Maybe it's a calming yoga day. Be powerful all month long!

Grounding Elements - Crystal of the Moment

Danger Zone: A Crystal for Protective Energy

This week’s transits have Olivia Pepper on high alert. Thankfully, there is always a way to tone it down. Today’s crystal of the moment can do just that.

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