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Month of Apr 2020: Pay close attention to your body this month, Scorpio, and not just what you look like but also how you feel. Venus enters Gemini on April 3, making you more aware of your body’s sensitivities. Do exercises that feel pleasurable. Go for a run, have your partner give you a massage—even sex can be a good workout for you. Take things slowly until the full moon in Libra on the seventh, when you’ll get a burst of energy. Tackle your workout with all your vigor, maybe even go for an extra-long walk.

You’ll start hitting your fitness goals when Mercury enters Aries on April 10, getting you into tip-top shape. Take someone’s health advice even if you don’t like it when Saturn is quincunx to the north node on the seventeenth. As the sun enters steady Taurus on April 19, develop a new health regimen that satisfies your body and mind.

Your fitness plans could backfire when the new moon is in Taurus on the twenty-second. Use that day to relax instead. You need a break. Be forgiving toward yourself when Mercury enters Taurus on April 27. Slacking off on your fitness routine isn’t the end of the world. You’ll be back on track in no time.

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