Monthly FitnessScope

Your motivation is high even if you aren’t putting in a ton of time right now. The desire is there, and you know that it's important to improve and stay healthy and fit. You know you're making progress.

Be full of fire and have a great early run or workout on February 1. Then tone it down for a day and make steady progress.

Be energetic on the third and pile up those steps.

February 6 and February 7, with the Moon in Scorpio, are your power days. No one will be more intent and driven than you. The eighth is also a high-energy day. You might want to pace yourself, but nothing can stop you.

Find a great new instructor on February 12, or is it time for a personal trainer?

The fifteenth has a solar eclipse and a chance to better feel how your body is moving and strengthening.

Solve a major problem when Mars squares Neptune on February 17. Make more progress and avoid future injuries.

The world could interfere with your workout plans on the twenty-first or twenty-second, but nothing will slow you down.

February 25 and February 28 might have physical challenges, but you're up for it!

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