Monthly Overview

Your home planet, Mercury, isn’t a happy camper when it starts the month in emotional Pisces, but a conjunction with Venus (also in Pisces) on March 4 helps things considerably. The boost you get from the creative energy of the Fish helps get your point across in a flowing, more ethereal way than you’re used to, but it somehow works.

A fortunate sun-Jupiter trine opens the door for some excellent personal and/or work-related opportunities on the thirteenth, so be ready for all kinds of good things to drop into your lap. With luck on your side, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

An angry sun-Mars square on March 24 makes for a challenging few days. Just as you get used to one change, life seems to throw another one your way. Why is this happening? And why you? Sometimes it’s better not to ask questions, especially ones that have no easy answers.

The second full moon of the month (this time in lofty Libra) happens on the thirty-first, marking the potential end of some complicated issues. Are you ready to let them go and move on? At this point, it’s entirely up to you whether you want to put them to rest or drag them out even longer.

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Stellar Guidance


In the second installment of our Venus Series, we follow the planet of love into the sign of the Twins, where she asks us to talk openly and lovingly in order to get what we need.

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