Month of Sep 2018: Mercury, your power planet, sees a lot of movement this month, starting with a sextile to flirty Venus on September 3. This fun and friendly influence creates harmony in all areas and gives you a welcome break from any stress you’ve been feeling.

A Mercury-Saturn trine on the seventh is good for finishing busywork, with an emphasis on school-related tasks, paperwork, and bills. Catching up on the small things now will help you reach your goals more effortlessly in the future.

The trine between Mercury and Pluto retrograde on September 15 is a great time to call in favors and persuade people to agree with you. Your advanced communication skills are very persuasive tools, allowing you to debate and bargain until you get what you want.

Mercury enters balanced Libra on the twenty-first, giving you the ability to see both sides of every story. Your fairness makes you an excellent mediator or judge, and because your decisions are rarely influenced by outside sources during this influence, you have an eager eye for justice.

The Mars-Mercury trine on September 23 is special because Mars is finally out of its retrograde cycle and ready to partner full speed ahead with your power planet. With this increase in mental energy and concentration, success can be yours on all levels.

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