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scorpio Horoscope

Month of Sep 2019: Your home planet Mars forms a conjunction with the sun in logical Virgo on September 2, giving you increased energy to take the initiative and get control of something that’s gotten out of hand lately. Your advanced organizational skills are especially helpful now.

A close relationship gets more passionate and intense during the Venus-Pluto trine on the sixth, and if you aren’t in a relationship, you’ll be feeling more hopeful about finding someone to love. You exude a mysterious sexuality that’s hard for others to ignore.

The sun-Pluto trine on September 13 shines a light on your talents and abilities and makes sure others see you for what you’re truly capable of (which is plenty). This isn’t the time to hide, Scorpio. You usually like to do your thing behind the scenes, but right now you benefit more from being on stage.

You easily debate the pros and cons of taking on a new project or starting a new relationship under the new Libra moon on the twenty-eighth, but indecision can be the result of thinking about it too much. You like to be cautious, but sometimes it’s to your advantage to just do something and ask questions about it later.

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