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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Month of May 2024

Exploring Relationships

Scorpio, this is a month of celestial shifts and exciting possibilities. The sun’s presence in Taurus and your relationship zone is a chance to ground your feelings through practical and heartwarming gestures. The sun will be here until May 20, along with sensual Venus, which changes signs three days later. This is great opportunity to collaborate, work as a team, and explore possibilities for partnerships, whether they’re romantic or more formal. You’ll thrive when you work alongside others as opposed to going solo.

Be prepared for the new moon in Taurus on the seventh, because its pearly rays will encourage you to reflect on new beginnings. Where in your relationships or partnerships do you see the potential for a fresh start? Taking a romance to the next level or negotiating a deal can be rewarding and feel intuitively like the right step forward.

You’ll be busy at work as assertive Mars continues its journey through spontaneous Aries. There’s no holding you back, and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and build momentum with important plans and projects. You’ll have a surplus of energy, so exercise might be the key to channeling it productively.

On May 20, there’s a shift as the inquisitive energy of Gemini becomes more prominent. The sun glides into this lively sign that day and remains here for around a month. You’ll be ready to communicate, especially in those areas that will have the most profound effect on your life. Finances, business, and deep-seated emotional issues are all grist for the mill.

Avoid splurging around the time of the full moon in Sagittarius on the twenty-third—it could be very tempting to do so. Those bright, shiny objects might seem to call out to you, especially if you need a boost. Keep any receipts just in case you feel a bit of buyer’s remorse the next day.

Finally, expansive Jupiter moves into Gemini and your sector of business and shared resources on May 25. This hints that the coming year will be rich with the potential for greater abundance and financial success.

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