Month of Nov 2018: Go deep, Scorpio. There is a new moon in your sign on November 7, shifting the emphasis from the external to your subconscious. Your thoughts can lurk in the shadows from time to time (like everyone else’s), but your deep interest in the underworld, unsolved mysteries, and crime isn’t as dark as it might seem. Make sure worried friends understand that your intense curiosity isn’t necessarily linked to obsession.

The sun-Pluto sextile on the eleventh gives everything a positive spin and shows you what you can accomplish in life if you reach for the stars. You won’t always get exactly what you want, but you won’t get anything if you don’t at least try.

You’re affected like everyone else by the Mercury retrograde cycle starting on November 16, but your determination makes it slightly easier for you to cope with interruptions and mix-ups. You probably won’t get what you want through sheer force, but you have other persuasive skills that will help you get through this pesky retrograde cycle just fine.

A Mars-Jupiter square on the nineteenth makes large-scale success possible, but you might have to start small. Taking the time to make a game plan now will help you rack up more points later.

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