Pisces Monthly Horoscope for December 2022

Month of December 2022

Route to Success

This month gets off to a positive and successful start for you, Pisces. With key planets in your sector of career and ambition, your focus will be on getting noticed and making the most of this time of year to grow your business and attract more customers. You might also be looking for a new job or career that will pay more, and this will give you something challenging to tackle in 2023.

However, try not to be too downhearted at the time of the full moon on December 7. This lunar phase ties in with pushy Mars in its retrograde phase, so you could feel a burst of emotion that clouds your judgment and leaves you doubting your abilities. If you need to let off steam or have a good cry, do it. You’ll feel much better afterward.

There’s good news on the financial front as buoyant Jupiter moves back into Aries after its retrograde phase and time spent in your sign. You could feel more optimistic where money matters are concerned, and you’ll be open to opportunities to enhance your income.

Your social life looks set to flourish too. Chatty Mercury moves into Capricorn on the sixth, followed by convivial Venus on the ninth and the sun on the twenty-first. This is a great opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life. And if you’re eager to get ahead, you’ll be drawn to those who have influence. Your instinct might be to make friends with people who can be useful to you in some way, but these won’t be one-sided relationships. You’ll be ready to give back in spades.

Finally, canny Mercury will be retrograde from December 29 until January 18, 2023, and this could bring people from your past back into your life. You might relish the chance to catch up on news or resolve a lingering issue.

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