Month of Oct 2018: When loving Venus reverses into a retrograde cycle on October 5, you could take it especially hard, Pisces. The last thing you usually want to do is face the cold, hard reality of any given situation, but try to look at this downturn as a chance for growth.

A sun-Pluto square on the twelfth could bring crisis and drama, causing you to do something extremely out of character. If acting calmly isn’t an option, reach out to someone close to you. They’ll know how to help.

A Mercury-Neptune trine on October 19 stimulates your sense of creativity and opens some interesting doors. Sometimes you feel you’re happiest when the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred.

The sun moves into kindred water sign Scorpio on the twenty-third, intensifying your emotional experiences. You aren’t interested in spending time with anyone who isn’t willing to be 100 percent real with you. Honesty is everything.

A Venus-Uranus opposition on October 31 signals a change in your love life, and not necessarily for the better. Freedom is the theme of this transit, but the rules are up to you. Just make sure everyone who’s playing along knows what they are.

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