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Your mood could shift to one that’s considerably darker than normal during the Mars-Saturn conjunction on April 2, but there’s a steady, practical Capricorn energy that keeps things on an even keel. This earthy presence helps these two planets work together instead of as conflicting energies, which increases productivity and helps you get ready for whatever comes next.

Those dark clouds circle again when the sun squares brooding Pluto on the eleventh, and some struggles that you’ve worked hard to keep deeply hidden may come to the surface. Your ego won’t let you divulge too much to your enemies, but there’s nothing wrong with confiding in a close friend about your mistakes. If nothing else, your confession clears your conscience and lets you start over with a clean slate.

A five-month Jupiter retrograde cycle begins on April 17, so you may feel a shift in luck, meaning you don’t seem to have as much of it. You might find yourself asking “why me?” a lot. Here’s the thing, though, Pisces, you can choose your own fate and your actions can create good fortune. There’s no reason to rely on outside forces to be successful, because you really can do that on your very own!

Grounding Elements - Crystal of the Moment

Danger Zone: A Crystal for Protective Energy

This week’s transits have Olivia Pepper on high alert. Thankfully, there is always a way to tone it down. Today’s crystal of the moment can do just that.

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