August 2018: Your power planet Mars is retrograde until August 27, Scorpio, so it isn’t quite working full force when it forms a square to rebellious Uranus on the first. You can still reach some interesting and creative breakthroughs, but work out the kinks of innovative projects in private before showing them to the world.

Uranus also moves into a retrograde cycle on August 7, making you even more curious than usual about human behavior. You should be able to find out some interesting and surprising bits of information during this transit – and your actions might also not be what others have come to expect from you. There’s a little bit of an “anything goes” vibe right now, and while you typically like more structure, it’s possible for you to get carried away in the chaos.

Mars retrograde enters ambitious Capricorn on the twelfth, and something you’ve been working on gains momentum. You’re usually a reliable person, but something about this combo can make you backtrack and second-guess yourself. Frustration doesn’t look good on you, Scorpio, but it’s an outfit you might not be able to avoid wearing.

The Venus-Pluto retrograde square on August 26 produces tension based on jealousy. You can’t help the way you feel, but you can control how you express it.

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